Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hairy Situations

Do you remember a few months ago when I posted that Sister had cut a  chunk of her hair and I refused to cut it?

I gave in.

It was too much work always hiding the hole.

So here she is with her new cut—I cut off 8 inches or so. Which I really think quite suits her!
She was so giddy to get pictures in her new hair cut she could hardly contain herself.

All out giggling. (Can you believe how thick her hair is?!)

Hands down, my favorite picture... holy cow she is happy!!!

And I was having so much fun watching Brother this week because it was Red Ribbon week at his school and they got to dress up each day. He was so excited to dress up and this is NOT typical for Brother. He is usually very against dressing out of the ordinary. I was especially excited when he came home after school Thursday and informed me that Friday was Crazy Hair day and that he wanted blue hair. I went right out to get him some blue hairspray but all there was was silver. He was miraculously OK with that and so Friday morning we gave him a sort of silver mohawk and he was excitedly off to school. I forgot to take a picture of him and so I asked his teacher to take one for me. How nice is she that she did and then emailed it to me too?! Wonderful people!

You can't really see the silver and his hair just looks more messy than spiky, but, hey we did it!!!

Also this was a day that he had to say goodbye to his best friend. She is moving out of state last minute and so he won't see her anymore. I do hope that can stay in touch, but we will see how that works out. Brother's teacher also sent me these treasured pictures of him with his friend "Princess." (code name)

I think the grin on his face explains it all and will definitely suffice to end this post.

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