Friday, October 14, 2011


I often get a kick out checking out the search words people plug in and end up on my site... like who knew "Alec Baldwin look-a-like" would get so many hits? This is the post that they run into searching that. Or "hot dog antenna?" This is the link it takes them to when the search for that one.

It is just funny to see what people are searching for and end up on my blog... and then there are some that I am so glad they found because I hope it gives a bit of insight or inspiration. This is one that has been popular this week—people have been searching, "I am amazed by you." I am sure they were hoping to find the song and not some mom's blog talking about being amazed...  so I am going to re-run it just for you. (smile)  Reading through it myself it was so good to see all the things my kids were doing at the time and to remind myself of all the good.

If you like re-runs, read it here.

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