Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Dog Antenna

There are a LOT of mini vans out there.

There are a lot of green mini vans out there.

There is only one Judy (my mom).

When I see a green mini van parked in the grocery store parking lot or driving past me on the road, I always want to check if it is my mom.

It's a lot easier with this guy:
You just can't go wrong with a Hot Dog Antenna.

He looks a bit worried.

Not sure if it is because he is going so fast or because he is afraid to get struck by lightening. Either way it gets me giggling!

Hot Dog Man, Hot Dog Man, He hangs out on the 'tenna to get a suntan... (sing that to Particle Man by They Might Be Giants)

Tee hee! Oh, that made me laugh.

The green mom can with the hot dog man!

2 remarks:

Ron's Bio said...

That looks great. Where can I get on.

Rochelle said...

lol, I wouldn't say there are a lot of green mini vans, I have never seen one that I can remember, but now that I have said that I will probably start seeing them!