Friday, July 1, 2011


Most parents don't have to celebrate when their child learns to color.

It's just one of those things kids do... naturally.

Well, in my world of Fragile X children it is one of those milestones that constantly weighs on my mind hoping that they will be able to do it.

Just color.

In a coloring book.

Here Baby is again hitting one of her milestones! She loves to color! She even tries to color certain parts of the picture now! Yay!

I have yet to get a picture of her laying on her tummy with her knees bent and feet in the air like a teenager looking at her yearbook. She loves to color that way, but whenever I get the camera out she gets up to "pose" for the picture.

So here are some pictures Marc snuck on his iPod.

In the top pictures Baby is trying really hard to be involved with her siblings. In the bottom pics, notice how she is holding her colored pencil... that is a great hold... she is holding it in her fingers and not in her whole hand. Yes, that is another milestone.

You can see that the kids all LOVE to color. It can keep them busy for up to 30 minutes at a time! Now that is some mommy time! Well, lets say mommy time that is still right near the kids... we all know what Sister is capable of. And I am sure that Baby will soon be filling her shoes... (smile)

3 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

These pictures are so cute. I wish Daniel would like to color. He hates anything with paper and pencil.

Karen Mayes said...

Yeah for coloring! There are no small milestones or victories with Fragile X.

rach said...

I think you have the cutest kids Rach!!! And you are one amazing mama!