Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stop to take a Pea in the Garden...

Hey, hey, before any feathers get ruffled, notice that I spelled it P-E-A not P-E-E. OK.

Although if you are out in the garden long enough that would be tempting...

Why that title for this post, you ask.

My mom's peas that are as high as an elephants eye are now producing peas!!! And fast!

So I had to pick them today.

I picked in the afternoon.

I picked at night.

And it was the night time pea-ing that got me thinking.

I would go through all the vines, I thought, thoroughly, but then my mom would come behind me on the same row and pick more peas. ??? Apparently I hadn't been checking thoroughly enough.

And then I thought to myself, "Self. What kinds of peas am I missing in life as I hurry through it?"

Ya, no more roses or skunks.

I'm talking about picking peas...

Here are the peas from today that I just can't let pass me by:

(Pea Stop #1) Watching Sister line up all the chairs and pillows in the front room so that she could play school.

(Pea Stop #2) I was able to take my Aunt Aleesa and my mom with me to a baby shower for my cousin's wife. We had so much fun talking and laughing on the way up. I had forgotten how fun it is to be with those two. I have always loved my aunt Aleesa. She used to come sleep over at our house a lot when I was young. She's the youngest of my mom's siblings so she was single for the first 9 or 10 years of my life. She was always like my big sister, me being the oldest, it was pretty neat to have a big sister. Because of life and all the other things that keep us busy I haven't really had a chance to just hang out with her and my mom and it was a great reminder of how much like sisters we really are. I even get jealous of her like I would a big sister... (wink)

(Pea Stop #3) Anyway, we got to the shower, held the chubbiest-cutest baby girl I have ever seen (thanks Julianne), got to see my awesome cousins that I L.O.V.E. and one of my other aunts--Rosanne, ate awesome cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, played fun games, and laughed a lot.

(Pea Stop #4) Then we needed to leave to get Aleesa to an activity she was attending and we had only been driving in the car 30 seconds when we started laughing and having fun.

There was a lot new road construction going on and I hardly know this particular area well anyway and I was trying to figure out how to follow the orange cones. Well, I came to barrier where I could go left or right. I looked ahead and saw the traffic light we had passed through before and thought that I should go right and go the way we had come. I felt so smart when both my mom and Aleesa said, "Gee, I would have gone the other way. Good thing I'm not driving or we'd be going the wrong way." Just then I saw a car that was in my lane heading toward me (a good distance away) and notice the yellow line to my right and I hollered, "I am going the wrong way!" and I quickly turned off into the construction area dirt road and we bounced over the hills and gravel laughing at how funny it all was.

(Pea Stop #5) I came home to a clean house that my mother-in-law had cleaned. What a Saint.

(Pea Stop #6) I got to see my nephew MrT get baptized today.

(Pea Stop #7) When MrT was walking with his dad into the baptismal font, Brother whispered (OK, it was a loud whisper), "Don't be scared... It will be OK."

(Pea Stop #8) Taking the bounce house that my brother Daniel gave me up to Jessie's to enjoy for the summer... (wink, wink)

(Pea Stop #9) Eating and talking with family.

(Pea Stop #10) Watching Baby smile and laugh the entire time we were at Jessie's even though she had nothing but a 2 minute catnap on the way to her house. She is such a ball of joy.

(Pea Stop #11) Going to pick peas with my mom at 8pm and winding up going on a night time bike ride with my mom on Luhana Beach Cruiser she got at a yard sale for $10!!!

(Pea Stop #12) Watching my dad shine up the bike so that it looked shiny and new for when I brought it home to Marc (he's been wanting a beach cruiser)

(Pea Stop #13) Racing my mom on our bikes down the country roads of my home town, laughing and having to pick mosquitoes out of my teeth.

(Pea Stop #14) Hearing Brother sing Shania Twain songs in his room at 10:30 at night waiting for me to come tuck him in.

(Pea Stop #15) Spending time with my hubby after the kids were in bed.

Moral of the story: Stop and take a pea.

Try not to miss a stop, you'll end up wishing you hadn't...

Yes, potty humor is always funny.

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Ha ha, I LOVE you too! It was so fun to have you guys come today and you guys totally made the shower fun! I'll have to remember to stop and take a pea, great advice, and that is too much fun for one day. Seriously:)

Rosanne Orgill said...

Loved it! Yes, I will stop for a pea:) so cute. loved the post and loved having you guys come it was so much fun! So funny how you turned and was going the wrong way:)Love you too