Friday, July 29, 2011

Fat Tie Dye

Here are some of the things on my mind at this moment... well, maybe the last couple of hours... anyway...

I was talking to someone earlier tonight and she asked how tall someone else was. I replied, "She must be 5'8" or 5'9" because I know she is a little shorter than me."

The response after my statement was this to me, "Ya, but she's really skinny so she looks taller."

Hmmm... let's think about that one for a minute...


Next item:

I was just remembering that while I was in Las Vegas this last week, I had run out of my thyroid medication while I was there. I called my pharmacist (Jim over at Santaquin Pharmacy) and he said that he just happened to be having an intern driving out to Vegas that night and that he would have her deliver it to me in the morning. Wow! Here I am six hours away, and I still get the best service ever from my very own pharmacist! Sweet!

Also while we were on vacation Baby really started talking a lot more. She now sings the entire alphabet and sometimes if I end on a letter she will say the next one, like I sing "L-M-N-O..." And then she smiles and says,"P." She also says, "Ew, stinky," because I say that to her every morning—I know, I'm such a sweet mom. She also says, "Mommy, Daddy, Thank you, Beach," and she counts 1-2-3. I am so excited! I love to hear her sweet, little voice! She also signs "e" because she always watches her sister sign the alphabet so she has been catching on. Sister has actually taught her a lot. And that is really neat too!

I went yard sale-ing this morning... OK, so that is not a real term, but that is what I call going to yard sales and buying stuff... yard sale-ing... not yard sailing—although that could be interesting. Anyway, I got this cool black shirt that was really long but had this lame jewel-things on the collar and one was missing. I got it for 10 cents so I just figured I would take the jewels off and see what I get. Well, when I got home and took the jewels off it had been bleached underneath for whatever reason. So, I got the bright idea to tie-die bleach my new yard sale shirt.

Brother was very excited to pose with me... that is lettuce from his salad that he thought would be funny to have hang out his mouth, and the wet spot on his shirt is from washing off the lettuce for his salad... he's such a good kid.

Oh ya, and when we went on vacation I forgot the kids' picture schedules (stop reading here and let your jaw drop in shock). I realized it after we were already 4 hours from home... uggh. I was so panicked, but I did have my laptop with me so I made a makeshift one that I could show them on the screen. It helped but they certainly didn't like it as much as my velcro pictures on the binder. I am actually even more pleased about how well they did without having picture schedules for all the transitions and activities.

I have a local Fragile X picnic/get-together tomorrow that I am in charge of. I am just keeping it REALLY simple because 1) I was organizing it alone and 2) I didn't want to use too much of the Association's money for this until I get more people on board to help out. So I am hoping that the fact that I reserved a pavilion at a park and that we will just be hanging out eating pizza and drink soda or water is OK. I just really hope that we get some new families that we haven't had before. I love being able to relate and talk to other parents in our situation and I always learn so much. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I have enjoyed blogging so much is because of the other moms I have met through the blogosphere.

My husband is out stacking hay right now. He has also been on call this week. I haven't seen him much. Maybe I should go outside and see how his stacking is coming. I am in my nightgown though, and the neigbors might think I was weird, but I am in my kitchen with the light on and the blinds open, so they have probably already seen my floral pink mumu-type nightgown (ya, nothin' sexy people).

OK, that is enough rambling for now.

No, really, it is.


OK, I really am done...


3 remarks:

Rochelle said...

LOVE the shirt! It looks great on you!! I wish I could find clothes for .10:)

Karen Mortensen said...

I love that shirt. Looks amazing on you.
I didn't know yard sale ing wasn't a word. We call it garage sale ing.

Joel and Jessie said...

Looks good!