Monday, July 18, 2011

Butterfly Faces...

We got together again with our sister-in-law Tynelle for our Wednesday Sister's Day get-together.

Jessie painted faces on all the kids because she still had all her face paints from a birthday party she had done that day. I used to get embarrassed when Brother would ask for the girly things when it came to stuff like this. But, I have decided that he is handsome enough to pull off the girly thing... you know the saying "Real Men Wear Pink." Maybe that would be something for Brother.

Anyway, he and Sister asked for a butterfly.

Brother was braver than Sister and got his whole face painted, while Sister went for the cheek art.
Now that is a manly butterfly... what do you think of Super Butterfly for his super hero identity? ... Oh, and on a serious note, look at the eye contact Brother is making with the camera!!!! Wahoo!!

Of course Sister's butterfly is blue.
LOVE this little "lady"

This was a fun one because the dinosaur could, smile, growl and be serious.

 The cousins all had so much fun together.

They LOVE going to Grandma Judy's house for many reasons, but the little couches and chairs in front of the TV for kid-sized movies and the toy room full of toys are the big reasons.

I think Baby just wanted to hang out with her cousins, because she doesn't look interested in the movie.

They were playing "car" in Grandma's toy room, you can see that Little B. And with Berry over there dressed as a princess I think of the movie, "Driving Miss Daisy." (hee hee)

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Joel and Jessie said...

Fun! Thanks for posting now I can use the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

What talent your sister has!! That's awesome! And yes, brother can totally pull off the butterfly!!!

Anonymous said...
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