Monday, July 25, 2011

We've Been Everywhere Man

Have you ever heard that song? Listen to it here.

Anyway... now we're back.

I didn't blog about it while we were gone because I didn't want any weirdos coming to my house... come to think of it, I still don't want weirdos coming to my house...

Anyway, now that my home is safe and I am sound I can tell you all about our trip.

We didn't quite go everywhere, but a last-minute 10-day road trip with 3 kids can make you feel that way.

We stayed one night in Mesquite so that we could split the trip up a little bit for the kids sake. I can't believe how often Marc and I used to make this drive when we were sans kids or when Brother was a baby. Sometimes we would drive down just for a weekend. 12 hours... of course sometimes we could make it in 10 (smirk).

Then it was off to central California to Marc's family.

It just so happened that his parents, who live a block away from us, were there too... we just can't get rid of them (smile) just kidding, it just worked out that way. Anyway, we wanted to meet our new nephew, Bear (my blog name for him). Oh my word was he cute.

Brother just couldn't get enough of him.

Neither could Baby.
Bear looks a little worried... and as anyone who knows how tight my kids can hug... he has every right to be
We stayed our first night in California with Amber and Ted. They had a room set up for Marc, Baby and I and Brother and Sister slept in the office.

How do I explain this first night? Hmmm. Let's say first off, I am not sure if we will be able to ask family again to house us overnight with the kids... Sister was up almost all night and would whine at the end of the hall, "Mamma, mammaaaaa,  maaaaammmmaaaaaa!" I took turns between laying down with her in the bed and trying to lull her to sleep with a movie or a book. 4 hours of this and all we were getting was me entertaining the cats and dog, me dosing off and Sister shaking me awake to tell me she was scared.


So after that first night kept us all up Marc's brother, Aaron, offered us his place because his kids were out of town with their mom and he had another place to stay. So we had a whole house to ourselves for 3 nights without keeping anyone up.

In between all the sleepless/wakeful nights we still managed to have a good time visiting, eating, swimming, eating some more, visiting... you get the idea. It was just good to see some family we haven't seen in a while.

We also got to make a special trip to see Jerry's Train Station when we went to see cousin, Cathy. Brother was acting very shy (even though he thought it was the coolest thing EVER) while Sister jumped right in there. I was so impressed that Jerry dressed up as the engineer and everything and even had a little outfit that Sister wanted to put on.

The kids (young and old) thoroughly enjoyed the trains for quite a while.

Brother and Sister certainly didn't want to be without their cousins, Z and A. They are very loved. Here are some pictures of our stay with family for the first 4 days of our trip.
Z and Sister enjoying a snack poolside.

Brother diving into Aaron's girlfriend, Julie's pool, it had a waterfall so it was the bomb-diggity!

Baby helping to shuck the corn for Sunday night's dinner.

Brother enjoying NOT helping shuck the corn for Sunday's dinner...

Baby enjoying her corn... she loved it!

Brother and Sister enjoyed Uncle Aaron's pot... hmmm that doesn't sound good... they had fun with his house decorations.

I will post more about our trip soon.

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