Monday, July 11, 2011

Just add peas and baking soda and you get snow cones, rainbows and friends

I have never shelled so many peas in my whole life... and it was NOT worth it. I only ended up with 6 pints of peas... wholly cow that was a lot of work! When we have peas at our house it will be considered a delicacy.

Sister hasn't been creative enough with her messes lately for me to bother documenting them, but, this was definitely new. She opened the big canister of baking soda, added a little sugar and flour and got creative mixing it in with her toys. Funny thing was that you could see everywhere she had wandered in the kitchen... right down to getting out her mixing utensils.

Gee, I wonder who got into this drawer...
Hawaii for our date?
No, just my new favorite shaved ice shack, Lani's Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It's just in a parking lot but I loved how they had the tables and chairs and palm trees out to enjoy the evening. And their snow cones are HUMONGOUS!!! The one Marc is holding is a small... the large was as large as his head!

We were mesmerized by this cool mister fan... I need me one of those.
This is a piece of a full, double rainbow we saw the night of our snow cone date. It was quite incredible, I wish I had a camera with me other than my phone because it was beautiful.
I never thought that starting a blog would also start new friendships. I have really enjoyed the people I have met that are fellow bloggers. This is Karen (a fellow FX mom) and she and her husband just happened to be in my neck of the woods so they took the time out to visit us. Brother was shy the entire time she and her husband were there visiting but, he was so excited to get a group picture. I think he was more intrigued than he let on... You can check out Karen's site at here.

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