Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She's 18!!!!

So, I guess because she is officially an adult I can call her by her real name here on this blog.

But, I won't, just because I am an over cautious mom! So she is 18!

I can't believe that I have an 18-year-old daughter! Ya, I know, I didn't birth her, but, still she's my daughter! And she is 18!

Did I say she is 18?

Anyway, here are some pictures from our little Sunday celebration with my family.

She is so cute! She wanted apple turnovers instead of cake. My sister, Jessie, made them for her as her gift! 18 was so happy!

And just for fun, I thought I would put a picture of her from her 13th birthday—when she first became a teenager!

Aww. Good ol' Orlando Bloom.

It has been a fantastically wonderful 7 1/2 years! I love you 18!!

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