Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Christmas Party and Kris Kringle

OK, so after the long wedding day we had a family party the next day. Oh, it was so much fun!

My aunt Laura had made a compilation DVD of old home videos from '79 to '91. I loved it! The party was held at the clubhouse of one of my cousin's places and it even had a movie theater—it was set up like a real fancy theater. I loved watching the movie because it had my brother playing Santa Clause at around age 10? and all the cousins would take turns sitting on his lap. I even got to see my little sister Kirsten as a baby (My parents didn't take a lot of pictures of us because they didn't have a camera).

They also had a basketball/raquetball court and the kids LOVED that!

We ate, talked, ate, sang, ate, hung out, ate, played and well... ate! At least I did! The food is always my favorite part! (smile)

Thanks to all my wonderful family for being there! I even got to meet my cousin's son who is around Baby's age and I got a picture of them together. So cute!

Mom, having fun!


My cousin's son and 4 were having a blast with the cool sink—I think Little Man has that look on his face because he knows what 4 can do with a water pistol! :)

Entertainment—my mom and sister have fun while I am in the other room nursing...

My uncle Eric had too much fun when he was assigned to buy a ball for the gym... Thanks Uncle Eric—it was all worth it!

Daniel and Tynelle cheesing

13 having fun on Grandma's guitar

And the one who was responsible for it! Yay! You did a great job! Thanks!

And then later that night while we were eating dinner with my brother Aaron and his wife Chelsea we had a visitor pop in the back door! 4 and 10 were so excited it was cute! 13 was there too but 18 was on gone so she missed out on the fun! Kris Kringle even brought us each a gift! Baby got a stacking toy, 4 got a Memory game, 10 got matchbox cars, 13 got a Swap it! game, 18 got perfume, and Marc and I got a DVD! How sweet! Thanks Kris Kringle. It was such an appreciated surprise visit!

And, yes, 4 is wearing tights with no skirt... I don't know, she likes it... anyway, just look at the pictures.

2 remarks:

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This party looked like fun. Glad you had a good time. I love the Santa outfit. Don't worry about 4's outfit. Cuts down on laundry. She could start a new fashion trend.

Rosanne Orgill said...

looks like a lot of fun! Where are you? too much fun. Wow keep up the great work