Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Little Sister Ties the Knot!!!

So, I am finally posting about Kirsten and Jeremy's wedding day.

We all headed down to the temple where they were to be sealed for time and all eternity. The kids all waited in the waiting room while those who were attending the sealing went inside to see the ceremony. We had a bit of a wait. We were able to walk up the famous spiral stair case though and that was cool. It was such a treasured experience to look around and see all my siblings there in the temple. What a blessing. I can't imagine what was going through my parents' minds while they watched their last child get married. My favorite part was after the ceremony was complete and the Sealer called my sister by her new last name—Kirsten looked a little taken back. I think it was then that it actually hit her that she was married.

The luncheon was awesome. It was dutch oven catered and there was tons of great food.

The reception was incredible. Must have been my parents last one because they sure went out with a bang. My mom and dad, along with our good friend; Steve Keele, created the castle backdrop! All I can say is WOW! The cake was a castle, and on all the tables was a rose with a glass dome (like Beauty and the Beast). It was a Fairytale wedding.

They had dancing too. 10 was in heaven. I was so panicked in the days before the wedding because I know that my kids get really overstimulated and overwhelmed, so I expected that Marc would have to take them home early. I was proven wrong as 10 danced his heart out to all the music in front of everyone. The best part was when 10 "fainted" on the floor because that is what happens in Snow White and Enchanted—they eat the poisoned apple and fall to the floor. So, since this was a fairytale wedding he had to pull the apple trick. But, the catch was, it was during the Bride and Groom dance and right in front of the bride and groom. We couldn't talk him into getting up and out of the way—it would ruin the drama—so I drug him off the floor as he still lay "lifeless" for effect. It was quite funny, and I do hope that Doug sends at least that clip to me! (hint) I do hope that Jeremy and Kirsten enjoyed 10's novelties, because I know that he really had a good time! He even urged the cameraman (my cousin from Pointe Digital) to film him running around the castle for a bit there! (Thanks Doug, you're a trooper!) It was so much fun.

4 even wore her Snow White Dress, Baby wore a tiny a Cinderella dress and Jessie's girl wore a Cinderella dress to add into the fairytale theme! Fun! I hope I will have more pics of that later.

Here are a few.

Just married out of the temple

A blurry picture of the castle backdrop

4 and 13 dancing

Kirsten, Marc and Baby had a dance, so I had to take a pic

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amyandrandy said...

i am glad we were able to attend such a beautiful reception. she looked so happy! we had a blast being with you guys and catching up. =)

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

That looks like so much fun. I am glad everything went well for you. You never know how the kids will be. Once I took Daniel to an Easter Egg Hunt and I was worried. But he did really well. They can surprise us sometime.

Rochelle said...

It was so much fun!!!

Rosanne Orgill said...

so cute! love the picture of the castle, Kirsten looks like a princess.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! I wish we could've been there. I've heard so many great things about the wedding, reception, and family christmas party, I know we missed out big time! :( Glad to hear all went well though :)