Friday, December 4, 2009

Fifty Feet of Freedom

Yahoo! Our home medical supply just brought me fifty feet of oxygen tubing so that I can actually walk around me house with Baby in my arms! I feel like a new woman!

No more listening to 4 cry about wanting to watch a video downstairs while I am stuck nursing Baby in my room upstairs or listening to Baby cry because she is hungry but I am busy in the kitchen trying to appease 4! Yay!

No more having to switch the nob-thingy-majig to another oxygen tank when I do have to go downstairs or into the kitchen with Baby in my arms. Aaa ha!

(Please, no comments about how that fifty feet of tubing will get tangled and people will step on it because it is so long or that it will get caught on chairs, toys, walls, or children while I am walking through the house. Just let me relish in my moment of joy and FREEDOM.)

5 remarks:

lisa G said...

Way to look at the positive! You're an inspiration Rachel. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to be my VT. It will be like free therapy every month just to hear you laugh at all my jokes. I love you.

Sam & Nikki said...

You are a gem! I can't imagine what in the world you would do with any other things that life could throw at you...but you just take it all in and even have a smile about it!

Good chatting with ya the other night.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for you. That is how I'm sure we all felt when the wireless telephone was invented.

Rochelle said...

Now that is FREEDOM!! :)

Annie Valerio said...

Hey thanks so much for the CD, I love Christmas music and I love all the tracks on this CD...awesome!!!! Thanks so much. I start playing Christmas music right after Thanksgiving LOL....Love it. I hope you are all doing well. This time of year I am thankful for friends and neighbors and you guys are great neighbors!!!