Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10 and 4's funnies of the week

OK, background to this story:
10 has been learning about Native American Indians in school and is so enthralled by them. He loves to tell me about them every day when he gets home.

So this guy shows up yesterday to pick up some stuff. He had dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes. I left him outside the door with the door open while I went downstairs to get his stuff. Anyway, while I was down there 10 turned to 17, who was in the kitchen, and said,

"An Indian man has come here."

He said it in his English accent, which makes it just that much funnier. I think the guy was actually hispanic so hopefully he got a chuckle and wasn't offended...

Yesterday 4 kept asking where Baby's "stinky" was. I told her that I hadn't changed her yet and that she didn't have a stinky. But, 4 continued looking, all the while asking, "Where's her stinky?" I chuckled when she picked up her pacifier (which I call a BINKY) and she said, "Oh, I found it. Here's her stinky!" Tee hee!

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Landon Andrew said...

TOO CUTE! I just read your last post. I was wondering about the results. Keep us posted. God is good and good all the time. She is a cutie.