Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liberation and Celebration


No more O2 for Baby which means: no more tangles, twists, trips, attachments, machine humming, tank switching, walrus face, irremovable face stickers, heavy oxygen tank to carry, changing the tubing when she spits up in them—or gets boogers in them— Ah, liberation!

(For those of you who were wondering about walrus face, I call it that when she would get the two little tubes that go up her nose under her top lip that gave her the look of a walrus with the two tusks coming out—it was one of those things that made me chuckle out loud every time.)

Look at her sweet naked face. Oh, how I love it. To see it without anything covering it is such a sweet sight.


That would be two-fold. 18 has grown in talent so much, her performing is much improved, she is so fun to watch AND it was great to celebrate Christmas through great music. The Chamber and Concert Choir of her high school do such a great job. Here are some pictures of her in both her choirs. Her green dress is Concert Choir and the black dress is for Chamber.

3 remarks:

Julie said...

Wonderful news! I am really happy for you!

Ethington Family said...

I am so glad your cute little baby doesn't need the tubes anymore. That is also great about 18. I always thought it would be cool to know how to sing and preform.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say "hi" because I'm sad we weren't able to make the trip there for the wedding and the family christmas party- boo hoo :( Love reading your blog still and I'm glad to hear the baby is doing great!