Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And so it goes...

"Oh, how nice," I sit in my bed and think to myself. Dentist appointments for the two youngest that day at 10:15 am so I don't need to rush around getting them ready for school. We can all sleep in a bit.

I over-estimate the time I have and in my last-minute rush I realize I have forgotten all their meds. Pull back into the driveway, run into the house and dose up all the prescriptions, run back out, give the two older ones theirs and save Baby's to give at the Dentist office because of time restraint. It is 10:10 am and I am flying down the Interstate at 80mph (I am underestimating my speeding because I don't want to really get into trouble. You all know I was going faster than that) in the boat of a Suburban 1/2 ton that really shouldn't be running that fast.

I had arranged for my mom to be there at the Dentist office to help me with 4 and 10. I whip into the parking lot and I see her van there, grateful she is there. But as I drive around the packed parking lot a few times I begin to wish that my mom would have parked on the street so that I could have her perfect spot right next to the dentist office entrance...

"Wishes really do come true," I think in my head as my mom comes out to wave me down to take her spot she had saved for me. Oh, what a great mom! "Thank you," I whisper to myself. Then I proceed to take my entorrauge out of the car. Baby in the car seat, Baby's oxygen, Baby's apnea monitor, Baby's diaper bag, my purse, then undoing 4's car seat belt in the very back seat—then quickly I must rush to the other side of the Suburban hoping that 10 will hear my pleas to stop running so he doesn't slip on the ice and trying to shuffle 4 out of the car with five items hanging from my arm. Again, my mom comes to the rescue and helps with 4 and 10 before any mishap befalls them—or me.

Mom's been there for fifteen minutes by the time I arrive. "Sorry," I apologize to her and to the secretary smiling at me. I quickly fill out papers and send 4 back with my mom to get her started on her check-up. I give Baby her meds and gather her up to check on 4.

4 is doing well, needing a little encouragement, but, well nonetheless. In fact 10 is skipping around the office wildly, giddy with excitement that his grandma is there. So he has me fooled into thinking that it will be a smooth sail through his own check-up...

Now, if you have not yet learned that with Fragile X Syndrome comes anxiety and hyper-sensory you should know that a Dentist in their face, and their mouth, bright lights in their eyes and foreign objects in their mouths are not exactly a delight. When the dental assistant tried (very sweetly I might add) to attempt a cleaning it was horrendous! I was holding him down and trying to hold back my tears at the same time. Why was I ready to cry? Many reasons: 1) the fact I have a disabled child who no matter what explanation you give him about the dentist he will never fully understand, all he sees is someone trying to hurt him 2) Knowing that he is getting too big for me to hold onto him during circumstances such as these, he is getting too strong to restrain 3) feeling so sorry for him that he is feeling so invaded and threatened and there is nothing I can to to comfort him and 4) the sheer look of terror on his face as I look him in the eyes to tell him it will be OK.

Finally we give up and decide to just forgo the whole thing and let him watch 4 with the dentist. My mom was over in the corner with 10 while I sat with 4 and kept her calm till the dentis came. Mom was practicing with him to open his mouth wide and let the dentist have look. He was becoming very proud of himself that he was able to open his mouth for her and not cry. So when the dentist was done with 4 we asked if he could check 10 while he was sitting up and if he could do it without any tools. "Please," I begged in a silent prayer. The dentist obliged and 10 proudly sat himself down, decided he really liked his new dentist... long story short—he made it through a mild check-up. He has a deep cavity in his 12-year molar that isn't even all the way through yet, and three other cavities on some baby teeth ready to fall out. 10 will need to be put under for that dental work, of course, but I am thankful to his new dentist for winning 10 over.

Mom took the kids and me and treated us to a hamburger–it was the only way to keep 10 happy about his dental accomplishment. Thanks Mom!

It doesn't end here.

You know how you go to the dentist for your check-up and they give you a toothbrush and toothpaste and a little prize... 10 and 4 got those too. But, 4 lost hers somewhere along the way. "Aaargh!!!" Is what I am thinking when 10 realizes that the only toothbrush that exists from his traumatic experience has now been chewed on my 4 (oral sensory thing) and looks like it is a year old!!! "Where is the other toothbrush? Where could it be? 18 (Ya she's 18 now--I will post her pictures and such later, after I get all this off my chest) can you go find it? Look in the car, on the ground, in the kitchen!" No where, she can find it no where. I can't either. The drama begins. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth—it was a biblical experience. The day just gets better from here :}

No, really it did. I went to 13's concert where he sang a solo "What Child Is This." It brought tears to my eyes. He has such a pure voice. I was so proud of him I was beaming! He sang two verses all by himself—he was so brave. 18 was proud of him too. She came with me, it was fun to have her there to sing along with and laugh with. My mom, Marc's parents, Amy and Frank came too.

Don't you just get a kick out of kids in junior high?
Ppth! Check out the girl on the right--wuteva!

After the concert we went to the grocery store and this is where it just made my day even "better!"

I was talking to Marc on the phone while I was in the car because I can't walk and talk at the same time (smile) so I sat in the car talking to him to help in a favor for my sister. I got out, locked the doors and proceeded to get groceries in the store. After a long drawn out check-out experience I realized I had forgotten to get another gallon of milk, so I sent 13 to get that while I sent 18 out with the grocery cart to start loading the existing groceries purchased.

Where are my keys?

Darn purse.

Can't ever find anything in here!

Where are they?




I left them in the car.

The doors are locked...

and the keys are in the ignition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kirsten Amelia said...

And then your kind future brother-in-law and cool lil' sis' came to rescue you:) You forgot that part...;)

Rochelle said...

WOw what a day. What would we all do without Mom's to help??? (Sometimes I wish I had an 18 and 13 to help too). Humm don't remind me that I need to take my family to the dentist!!!

Shauna said...

Rachael, I can't keep up with you. Just reading your blog makes me tired. I really need to work harder at mine...just add that to the list