Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ute Stampede Rodeo and Carnival

We LOVE rodeos! They are one of our favorite activities to go to. This one is especially our favorite. It is a small town rodeo but, well done!

I had promised 9 that I would take him on the ferries wheel and it worked out great because all the ride tickets were only $1 and all rides were only one ticket! So it was cheaper than I planned.

He went on it once before the rodeo with 17, and Jman on the ferries wheel and once after the rodeo with 17, Jman, and Mr. T then, he rode the merry-go-round by himself. He was loving it! at the beginning 17 and Mr. T went on another ride that spun around and 17 was laughing the entire time at Mr. T because he was having so much fun and kept saying his eyes were gonna pop out! Tee hee!

The rodeo was awesome this year—only three bareback riders—but the rest was good. I got a few blurry pictures. We all enjoyed it—my mom and dad, Joel and his boys and my uncle Jeff came. Jessie stayed back and watched Little B and 3 and they had a girls night. 3 loved it!

Ya, this was supposed to be cool but we just got a good laugh out of it—Marc called it the Trojan Boot... Bwa haa haa!

Half time show

9 loves to watch the horses and loves to be as close as possible.
How do you like that view—the tail is up—ya.... it stunk too!

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