Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Horse Ride,Last minute campout, Chess and TV

Well, since I have been so excited about our baby I haven't been keeping up on pics. So, here are the latest:

Marc went on a horse ride up the local canyon on a trail called the narrows. Well, it started off to be that trail, then they blazed their own trail for a while, then ended up on the original trail on the way back. "Lotta bushwackin'" as he put it. Man, he is a real cowboy when he says that! Woo!
the friends he went with

if you look really close you will see the bull elk in the middle and the other bull off to the left in the trees

Then Jessie and Joel invited us on a one-nighter camp out to one of our favorite spots so of course we went! I can't believe how often we have been camping lately. I guess since we don't do the Disneyland thing we get to camp instead. 17 was our best wood gatherer...

ya, it's hard work lifting that dutch oven when you are pregnant...

the family hike

the big boy hike and scenery, even a grasshopper

Can I just say how much I LOVE 9's friends. They just see 9 for who he is and not for the disability he has. I would never in a million years think that he could learn a game like chess, nor would he let me teach it to him anyway. So you can understand my love for his little friend when she takes the time to teach chess to him. She is so patient, kind and loving and I seriously could not ask for better people in this area we live in. 9 is so blessed to have friends like he does. It makes me cry knowing that children can be so patient and on-judgemental. Especially when you know they are perfectly capable to make fun of and criticize as too often 9 has witnessed first hand. So, I am grateful for those who don't see the disability but, instead, see the person that he is. Thank you, and you know who you are, to those who are there for me and my children.

Oh, and to top my day off! I was just contacted by KUTV about doing a story on Fragile X Syndrome! Yahoo! This is great news and I hope that all goes well! Wish me luck, I will keep you all posted!

3 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

It looks like you had a blast. I go this Sunday!! It will be so fun. I will have to remember to take pictures. Of course, none of us will be as clean as you guys. I don't know how you do it, but my kids (excluding Seth sometimes) are covered in dirt, food and anything else to make themselves messy. I like the top of your page too. that is a very cute way to cause awareness. Love ya!

Staci said...

The chess pics are the sweetest! She is such a good little gal. She has sat and read books with Lexie. Learning chess is hard; way-to-go 9!!

Rosanne Orgill said...

the camp out looked like a lot of fun. Wow what a way to go. the kids looked like they enjoyed it too.