Monday, July 20, 2009

Journal Moments

OK, so I haven't journaled for a bit so here it is.

This baby doesn't kick much but, it does make its presence known. I get worried sometimes and make sure to press my hand on my belly until it kicks at me to get out of its space. Tee hee! I have a feeling that when this baby is born it will want its own space. And yes, sadly, I still call this baby "it" because I haven't had the tell-tell ultra sound yet. But, tomorrow I get to find out!!! Yay!!! AT 5:45 pm Tuesday we get to go see this little baby and find out what we are having. I will do a poll, I think, and see what everyone thinks. Doesn't give you much time but, hey, it will still be fun! So far, 9 and 3 say it is a boy. Ya, even 3 says she is having a baby brother! 17 says boy because she is going with what 3 says. Marc says it's a boy and I haven't said what I think out loud yet. So, take your guesses in the poll off to the right.

Something funny that 3 said: She asked my sister if she had a baby in her tummy. She said "no" and 3 replied, "oh, I sorry." Ha! Love it!

I sit back in amazement everyday in worry and aw that my kids are all growing up so fast before my eyes. I mean, I am 32 and having my daughter get her senior pictures!!! WaaaaA! I don't care what anyone says, I know I didn't give birth to her but after 7 years of tears, worry, concern, love and complete compassion over a child, yours or not by birth, they are yours in every sense of the word! So yes, I have a senior!!! Wew!

My baby won't be my baby much longer. 19 weeks and she will be the second to youngest! Holy cow that is a weird feeling! I have been trying to hold 3 more and more because I worry that she needs more love before I have to focus on a younger one. Which, is going to be very interesting to experience considering that she always HAS to have mommy! Oh, boy! Heavenly Father, I hope you know what you are doing here...

I have found this awesome internet radio thing called PANDORA that I just love. Type whatever genre of music you like and it finds it and compiles it all for you. It is the best. I can listen to Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Click Five, Demi Lavato, and others like them without interruption. Love it. For Sunday I listen to my Kenneth Cope station and it is GREAT or the Mormon Tabernacle choir! You should try it!

We have loved having our chickens around. We always have to go out and watch them, just because they are interesting to watch. Cute little things. We won't be getting eggs until November so they are not earning their keep yet, but we still love them.

I worry about labor for this baby. Will I go early like I did with 3 and 9? 9 was four weeks early and 3 was five weeks early. But, eerily they were both born at about the same time and labor started at about he same time. Both times I went into the hospital at 11pm and one was born at 2:51 am and one was born at 2:53 am—hmmmm. I wonder, will I be able to predict 6 weeks early and born at 2:55am??? NO, I hope not, I really don't want to come that early—I hope that things go well. You know how we are when we are pregnant, worry, wonder, worry, and dream the worst, and what is the deal with hearing the worst.

None of you better leave comments talking about the horror stories you have heard or experienced. I don't want to hear them, I have come up with enough nightmare scenarios in my own mind all by myself without your help. Oh, and when I start getting really big don't say that I don't look pregnant in my face or that I don't look pregnant from behind. Just say I look cute and leave it at that, you don't need to embellish the compliment hoping that I won't notice that my butt is as big as my belly, or that my face looks as if I am storing up for the winter, or that my nose is wider than my chin. Believe me, I notice those things no matter how many sweet things you say to me hoping that I won't pay attention to that. Believe me, I am excited and grateful enough for this little spirit to join our family that I don't care how I look as long as the doctor says me and the baby are healthy. So when you are out for a walk with your dogs, please don't stop and say, "Holy cow! When is that baby due? You look miserable!" or "Oh, bless your heart, you look like you are about to burst." (Don't ever say bless your heart with an insult—it doesn't help...) Ya, I look cute now, I am only half way there. It's gonna get bigger people! A lot bigger! I will try to dress appropriately so as not to scare any of you but, let's face it, there may be days when I am just not thinking and I wear something that looks like it belongs on a super model instead of a 8 1/2 month pregnant woman with her belly button poking out an inch but, maybe I was feeling sexy that day! (TEe hee!) And maybe I may wear the dreaded plaid dress that is hanging in my closet waiting for my "fatter" days but, don't say anything other that I look cute, don't say the dress looks cute. Tell me I look cute, because we all know the dress doesn't look cute. I am desperate at that point... And if I am still in nursery at 8 months, can someone come save me! I mean seriously, I can only handle so much. Sunday there were 15 kids in there ages 18 months to 3! Wow! Pregnancy hormones, weak stomach muscles, the need to pee every 10 minutes and 15 toddlers are not exactly the best combination. Don't get me wrong, love your kids, but, it isn't gonna be long before one of you see my in the hall sweating and balling! Tee hee! (I am actually laughing out loud as I type this.) We Mormons are too cute! I love us!

OK, I think that is pretty much all for now. Oh, and 9 wants to make sure that I tell you all I am "big as a balloon!" I love that kid. And, yes, Wayne, you can say that too and I won't be offended. (At least not yet, when I am the size of a blimp, you are no longer aloud to make any such comments or I may cry or even, possibly, smack you!)

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Rochelle said...

Whenever I feel sorry for myself I think of people who have it worse off than me (BUT I am having a hard time finding anyone lately:) I subbed nursery on Sunday, I'll be honest it was torture most of the time, bless you heart if that is your calling:) So hard when you are pregnant!! I told Doug not to let me do that again for a while! Pregnancy is great, isn't it:) GOOD LUCK!! Let's see how long we can keep these babies in!!

FXSmom said...

I know how it feels when ur babies are just growing so so quickly!! I'm also 32 and my oldest is doing her senior year stuff. It doesn't help that she is graduating high school a semester early. Which means that come January I will be a mom to a college student!! I want to cry just thinking of it. And of course...she just giggles at me and tells me how cute I