Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fourth of July Bomb

Ya, our fourth of July fireworks were a bomb—not in a good way—the weather didn't let us do more than three fireworks. Oh, well, the whole day was so much fun anyway. We spent it with family for my nephew's baptism—we didn't get to stay for the confirmation though, because both 3 and 9 had a melt down. I think the amount of people squished into a small room may have had something to do with it—who knows, I am still trying to figure out this Fragile X thing day by day.

We had a Barbeque at Jessie and Joel's after and we had good food, good fun and good music. I love singing casually with my family. It is so much fun! I stole some pictures from my sister for this part.

Check out 9's cheesy fingers! (I don't know where he started doing the "peace" sign...

Then we went to Marc's parents for fireworks. We were all so excited, but the weather got bad, thunder and lightening and WIND! The lightening was more impressive than our three fireworks. But, hey, being with family was great. Oh, and those weird snake things—you know the ones I am talking about—the little black pebbles that you light and they grow into long black worms.. tee hee. I totally loved those as a kid too.

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