Friday, August 8, 2014

What Were the Kids Up To?

I have little tidbits here and there of what our kids were doing while we were gone.

They had such a blast without us here!

I was so worried that they were going to fall apart without me, stay attached to my hip when I got back...


Our caregivers and friends are just too amazing!

Lindsey taught Sister and Brother how to send texts by using Voice Text and the kids were having great fun!

I just have to share them with you. (There are blanks where the names were so it might be a little tough to follow along.)

These are mostly from Sister. Their responses are usually in green until Lindsey is sending me the conversations from her side that weren't on my phone. Just know that the ones that really don't make too much sense are the ones that the kids "wrote."

Brother noticed how much we were laughing about Sister's texts so he snuck my phone and sent this, then I sent her what Sister had been trying to send when I stopped her thinking that it was the first time she'd ever done this.

Here are some of the pictures I found on the kids' iPod when I got home. They tell a lot about the fun they had.

These are from when they stayed at my sister, Jessie's house for the weekend. Sweet LittleB.

Back at home taking very random shots, but kind of tells a story...

Here's Nix (another care provider for us) showing how "easy" it is to take care of our kids (wink)

Kenna, I am sure, is done with pictures...

But, not Lindsey, she's just learned to grin and bare it... or make faces at it!


Proof that Lindsey did dishes!

How could my kids not have had a blast while they were with Lindsey, Kenna and their family, AND Nix, AND my family AND our friends bringing in dinner and checking in on them!

Thank you, again, to our own little village that took care of our family while we were away!

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