Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brother and Daddy Canyoneering

Sometimes Our Life seems too much to bear and sometimes Our Life seems like it is a dream come true. Our kids continue to surprise and amaze us everyday with the things they can do, and will do. You can't set limitations on any of your kids no matter what. Just give them the chance and watch them sink or swim, or even fly. Whatever they do they have found out they can do it or can try something new.

Brother had the opportunity to go on a really awesome trip with the Young Men in the ward down to Zion's National Park.

I had to put this video together because I am so touched by what Brother was able to do and all around him who supported him. But, most of all, I am amazed by his daddy.

Just watch.

You'll see.

Air Soft gun time! he told Marc he looks like James Bond!


Brother just didn't want to cooperate for a photo op

Brother's sweet friends gave him support in every way they could.

Thank you to all who were involved in this, both leaders and scouts who were there to help and support Brother in this adventure. You are all angels!

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