Wednesday, August 20, 2014

California Cousins in Town

We always look forward to seeing family come from out of state. Brother, Sister and Baby get so excited to see cousins they don't see very often.

We didn't get a chance to see them quite as often as we'd liked but it was enough to make a few good memories and sneak some pics too.

The first time we got to connect with them was at Salem Pond. We talked, played, ate snacks and watched Edy draw! She is such an artist. I was planning on getting photos of her artwork... but it never happened. (sad)

The next time we got together I had to laugh at all the kids gathered in one room, yet all in their separate spots... playing "together" on their iPods... Oh how times have changed.

Lynne always has food ready for us. Mmm corn on the cob... yummy

Check out MrM's face in the large center pic of the collage, he is so animated

MrM's face is hilarious in this one too, and to see Edy's reaction to his humor


Brother and Sister were sad to miss out on seeing them the rest of the time they were here, but there were so many awesome things to do and so little time. I still think, overall, that we got some great pictures in those moments together.

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