Thursday, August 21, 2014

Independence Day


Baby dancing with the flag that the Youth of our church put out on our lawn for the Holiday.

Has a new meaning to me since our Europe trip.

I view America's independence with much more reverence and admiration for all that was done for our country to be a country of it's own and what a new world it truly is here.

It's quite humbling really, to realize why so many people watch the U.S. in all its failings and successes. There's just something about watching someone, or something struggle for success and rewards.

I guess that's why there is something to be said about the reality shows that are all the rage. There's just something about watching something real unfold before your eyes.

I have had the opportunity, recently, in fact it just went to press today, to design a book for a 94-year-old war veteran and POW from World War II! I don't usually promote the people I do design work for, but I am quite proud of this project and I have to say that I am quite proud to say I know Lester Tenney through becoming his designer for his book, "The Courage To Remember," a book about his journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Truly amazing and inspiring.

When you see this cover, you should get it so you can read it! And my name is in the Acknowledgments so that is just cool...

I am amazed at what we, humans, can do. What we can go through and still overcome and thrive.

I was reminded on the 4th of July of the independence and dependence our children have. They live in an independent country, but, because of they're challenges in life, they will always be dependent on us or others to help them through it.

Of course mine and Marc's goals are to have them become as independent as possible. That's all we hope for, really.

On the 4th of July, though, I realized how dependent Marc and I are on our family, friends and neighborhood to help us with our children.

As Sister and Baby got scared from all the fireworks everyone was trying to help them and console them to help them have the ultimate "4th of July Experience!" Although all efforts failed and led to Marc taking the girls home in a tangled and shivering ball of nerves after only 5 minutes of actual fireworks, it was just good to know that even though we are not ready for our own independence, we have so many surrounding us who are holding our hands until we get there.

The girls had fun until it got bright and noisy. They love the glow sticks, a real tradition for our family on the 4th!

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