Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Us Girls

This post is just about us girls...

the pictures will do most of the talking this post...

Baby likes to be where we, her parents, are. Even when Daddy is working out, she tries to fit in...

I guess it wore her right out!

We found this antique Schwinn cruiser bike at my mom's house that was just Sister's size... she couldn't have been happier... until we got it home and realized she didn't know how to use he brakes...
I was wondering why her shoes weren't lasting... I guess they make for some good brakes... (sigh)

Apparently I can't wait for Halloween because I inadvertently came dressed up as MarryAnne from Gilligan's Island. (Remember that show? Oh how I loved it!)

We set up a playdate for Sister and her best friend each Monday of the Summer and it was such a success. Here they are at her best friend's birthday party!

I know I said this post was only about us girls but Brother snuck into this one because me and Gracie took him to see "Malefiscent." I'm so thankful that Gracie is one of those girls in our life. She brings a lot of joy and happiness!

I guess I was still excited for Halloween! I was a so excited when I found these glasses at a yard sale! Woo hoo! In the top pic I look like Jeremy from Studio C!

And this last picture, I just love.

It's one of those pictures that just explains Baby.

She is completely content to be swinging in her hammock.

Complete calm.

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