Sunday, August 3, 2014

Street Sitters and Double Deckers

Did I tell you about the group of teenagers we saw in Berlin?

It was so intriguing.

They were in a big group gathered and sitting on the sidewalk next to a graffiti-stained wall like it was the normal place to hang out with friends.

I've seen teenagers gather at a fast food place and sit in the chairs and sometimes gathering in the halls at school. I've seen them hanging out on the grass at the park.

But this was different.

Maybe it happens all the time, but for me, this was a first.

Usually I see homeless people or beggars sitting on the sidewalk, so it was interesting to see a group of teens gathered on the cement, laughing talking and exchanging comments.

I didn't know whether it was a sad thing or happy thing.

Why were they all on the sidewalk?

Did they not have homes?

Or was this just the cool thing to do in Berlin for the youth?

Not sure.

But I did have my camera with me of course, so I snuck a photo of them by clicking from my hip. I was surprised they were actually in frame.

The girl in the middle back seems to have caught on to what I was doing. Maybe she just noticed the intrigue in my voice as we passed by.

I really am not exactly sure why this was so intriguing to me. It just was.

And it made for an awesome Berlin-esque picture... hee hee! Get it? Berlin-esque!

Anyway, for real, I felt like a news reporter for a moment taking pictures of lifestyle and people.

Another thing I forgot to document in the last post was the double decker buses we rode on.

Remember when I was telling you about Austria and how the busses whipped through those narrow streets? Well, it's pretty crazy to sit on the top front of one because it overhangs the driver's seat. This gives quite a view and makes for quite a bit of entertainment and you watch bicycler's ahead look like they are about to become road pancakes.

And look, see that post just to the right of the white van? That is a light post that has been layered with posters, like what I was trying to explain to you. Here, let me show you close up:

That's all paper at the bottom! Crazy eh?!

Anway, I feel better now that I added in the few little things I forgot.


You may go now.

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