Friday, August 8, 2014

So, 5 Mormon Moms Go to Vegas..

Sounds like a good one liner...

and, truth be known, we had a blast... we just had to avert our eyes a few times... ha ha ha!

So! I guess I didn't get enough vacation time so shortly after returning from Europe I organized a girls' night out in Vegas!

Ya Baby!

I had a crew of friends who didn't all know each other and, I think, it made it more fun getting to know different friends in new circumstances.

There were 5 of us who went: My sister-in-law, Chelsea and my friends Mariah, Bethany and Emily. The group that ended up going, turns out, all REALLY needed a weekend away for themselves.

It was SO MUCH FUN!!

Thomas was a gem and helped arrange for us to see the JABBAWOCKEEZ show on Friday night. Thanks to Ronnie for making that happen for us! The 5 of us were so excited about the great start to our weekend watching the humor and talent of the JABBAWOCKEEZ crew! They are a fun show to see in Vegas. I had the opportunity to see them a few years ago when they were first starting in Vegas and they are still just as talented and fun to watch.

Chelsea and I even splurged and got a t-shirt (smile)

We laughed and talked and giggled and wandered about Vegas having a great time. It was kinda fun, too, to be up in the night just because we wanted to be and were having fun and not having to care for crying children in the middle of the night.

Vegas Selfie

Buffet Selfie

This one makes me laugh because I look like a Minion...

Bellagio Selfie

At the new Hershey's store they have the Empire State Building made out of chocolate, I wish I would have got a shot of the Statue of Liberty!

This picture really makes me laugh because I've never seen
Hulk, Thor and Spiderman all taking a break at the same time...

Sniffin' Caesar's pit...

Going on the road with a magician...

My most favorite chef at the Venetian buffet. We became good friends!

What my chef friend made for me... mmmm.... crepes!

Excuse me... This guy looked like the real deal!

One of the big pluses, too, was being able to meet Thomas' girlfriend's brother! Did you follow that? I have never been able to meet Thomas' girlfriend, Manuela, and I had never met her brother either, but because of our connection through friends we were able to go to Manuela's brother's show, "KÁ, Cirque Du Soleil."

I need to preface this, again, with the fact that I had never met Stéphane in person before and had only talked to him over the phone and texts. He didn't tell me what he actually did in the show so I didn't have any clue if he was a dancer or a stage hand or a ticket taker. When we got to the box office I was looking for someone that Stéphane had told me to look for and I couldn't quite remember his name so I was just looking for someone official... anyway long story short it ended up that the guy in charge knew to be looking for me and knew my name! I felt like a movie star. He led the 5 of us ladies in and introduced us to several people and we felt even more special. Then when we asked one of the people what part Stéphane had in the production, they laughed and said we couldn't miss him.

OK, it's true, you can't miss him! He's like the main part! He is amazing! The show is AH! MAZE! ZING! Trully, I highly recommend seeing this show! It is beautifully done and a great story!

We were screaming and cheering the whole way through! We were getting a few dirty looks because we were doing so, but that's what you get with 5 Mormon Moms in Vegas... loud and proud! Then we got to go backstage and meet Stéphane! and some of the cast! They all knew us because the LOVED that we were cheering and screaming for them. They loved it. And each time we met another cast member we would "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!" together. It was epic and fun and just such a blast.

Stéphane was such a gentleman and great friend by meeting us after his second show and we hung out with him and talked for a bit. It was so much fun. And I think all my friends just might have a little junior high crush... tee hee! OK, but really, did you see those abs?! Seriously! (Way to go Stéphane!)

Stéphane gave us the back stage tour! And that's what he looks like out of costume.

One of the contraptions that are quite key to the show... you just have to see it.

backstage selfie
This is quite a stage!! 
the view above the lounge area for the crew

I seriously can't say thanks enough to all the people who make my life so much fun! I just can't get over how blessed I truly am!

Oh, and Marc had a lot of fun taking care of the kids while I was away for 3 days!

 They did this for fun and Marc had to help them get the knot undone.

 I'm glad marc remembers to take pictures of the funny things!

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