Friday, May 23, 2014

The Sound of Music

I just have to share as many photos as possible! I'm hoping that you are feeling like you are on vacation with me, are reminiscing your travels to these places or inspiring you for great spots to visit if you ever go to Austria or Germany... or Italy.


When I write and read these travel posts I am starting to feel a little "homesick." I feel like I left part of my heart in each place I visited. I don't know how to really explain it, I just felt connected. Maybe it's because we were there with friends who are like brothers to us, and that just added to the memories. Maybe it was because this was the biggest trip Marc and I have ever been on together and THE biggest trip for me EVER! I don't know. But, I can see why people love traveling.

Anyway, it's a picture overload. I know.

This post I am going to show you all the iPhone photos first and tell you about them and then my Nikon photos will be next, and mind you, some of them were taken by the wonderful Marc.

OK, as promised iPhone photos first:
GQ Brother's at the dock

Marc's shot from the dock of Hallstatt

<------>       Imagine these 2 photos connected together... so much cooler 

It was starting to drizzle a little here and there while we were walking the streets. It wasn't bad, but was enough to need a good jacket. I am not sure if Achim and Thomas planned to match for our trip but they do say to put your kids in matching outfits so you can find them easier... Marc and I didn't lose them once!

Here's the test: Can you spot Achim and Thomas?

There was so much color here. Not to mention how old some of the buildings are. It's truly majestic.
I mean, I've seen ivy growing on homes, but and ornamental tree, I think, trumps the ivy.

See my hood? Proof it was raining.

I don't know why, but, I guess I just like taking photos of Marc taking photos,
but I also wanted to document that I did let him use my camera... I'm nice like that.

Coffee break

Nikon Photos:

I had to take a picture of myself in the position I was seen 70% of the time.
All things must be documented... hee hee! Besides, the mirror was cool.
The mirror was a outside this shop full of hats. Marc and I contemplated for about 5 seconds whether or not we should by a hat to fit in better with the locals... I really think, though, that Marc needs some suspenders and shorts
to finish this hat off the right way.

And me... well... don't ask me what I'm looking at, I'm sure Marc was just trying to make me look good,
but I really should be yodeling in this hat. Seriously! It has a feather! A feather!
Why did I not buy this hat? I'm sure yodeling lessons came with it...

After Marc took my hat photo, he took over the camera for a while. People may ask how I remember who took what pictures. Well, it helps when I am in the picture to help me narrow down whether it was me or Marc shooting... tee hee!

Act natural Thomas...

Do you ever see the back side of yourself and think, "No. That can't be me. I could have sworn I was hotter than that."
Anyway, I told Achim not to worry about how his butt looks in jeans...
 Marc still has the camera.

love this shot, good job Honey

Just after Marc took these photos the church bells began to ring. It was so beautiful and really just added to the feel of being in the amazing village of Hallstatt.

Now, I have to pause to laugh for a moment here. Marc loves taking photos. I think. But, after seeing all the photos I asked him to take of me... I think he's just a scenery guy...

I asked him to take a picture of me by this cute little Easter Egg wreath hanging over this restaurant door...

Can you see the wreath?


Well, I have to give him credit, we are both in the picture... I just had a different view in mind. Sorry Marc, but it's funny so I am going to have to tease you every so often when we show the pics you took of me. It just adds to the fun of the trip.

This is a pic Marc got of me recording the sound of the church bells.
So I'm putting that little thing here, and just know how many times I wanted to break out into the song, "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music" while touring Austria. I figured I had embarrassed my friends and my husband enough that I should try to hold back a little (smile).

Concentration is necessary for iPhone Apps.
Do you ever see the front side of yourself and think, "No. That can't be me. I could have sworn I was hotter than that."
Anyway, I told the lady behind me not to worry about how tight her hood was...

Thomas, look natural...

OK, I finally got the camera back, only to set it on a timer to get a photo of the 4 of us that wasn't an iPhone Selfie/Groupie... which, by the way, we tried to make sure we did every city we visited. You'll see them all.

Eesh! My head looks awkward... but, hey, look! There are ducks swimming by!

This one's the keeper!

This one could have been too if... Hey, look! There's a boat swimming by!

I'd taken so many photos of Catholic churches and Cathedrals but this was the first Lutheran one I was able to step into.

You know the photo above with the tree growing on the house? Well, this is just to show you that it's not an original idea in this village, it's an art.

 Hey, what? It looked cool. I am an artEEst you know...
maybe I'll use this on a Pinterest Meme background or something... cool... like.. that... OK, I just like the swirls. I'm a sucker for swirls. Not to be confused with swirlies. I don't think I would like swirlies. (If you just red that line and don't know what I am talking about, 
you are too young to read this blog and fully appreciate it.)

NOTE: Thomas if you don't know what a swirly is I will help you with that English translation next time we talk.

There was an apple in a tree! Er, I mean there was a tree decoration with an apple in it... er... oh, com'on, it was different. There was an apple in a willow bouquet outside someone's front door, so I had to take a picture... anyone know if that has any meaning?

Seriously, do the people in this town have to take a gardening and landscaping class before they can move in?

OK, so there is a little bit more of our Hallstatt trip, more to come soon.

First, though, I have to report on the home front and let you all know that Brother did a great job in his choir concert. Especially for having been absent a hole week before the actual concert.

I took my Nikon this time so you can actually see him in the pics.

Singing the "Disney Hercules" song with the Men's choir - Brother is on the far left.

Sing with all the choirs at the end, he's the middle row on the right.
Here he is with his dear friend and next door neighbor, Lexi. He was pretty excited to get a pic with her.

After the concert we talked with Brother's teacher, Mrs. S. She informed me that Brother wants to be in the Performance Choir, Footnotes, in 9th grade this next school year. I was so happy that he even had the desire to be in it. It is a tryout choir and he missed tryouts, so I'm not sure if it will work out to try to get him in there. I don't want to step on any of the toes of the kids who did try out, but I do think that they would enjoy having him in there.

He would get a lot of joy out of it too.

3 remarks:

Paola said...

Thank you for sharing everything you saw on your trip! What a beautiful country. Did you see any graffiti? I can't believe how clean the streets and walls are, maybe gangsters haven't made it there:) How do the prices of food and housing compare to the US? I am curious.

Marc and Rachael said...

Paola, if you look at my last photos from Vienna you will see all the graffiti. There was graffiti in every city we went too and a lot of it. When I post the pictures of Berlin you won't miss it. Hallstatt is a small village in the mountains so you won't much graffiti really. The prices for things there are actually pretty decent for Euro. But the exchange for American Dollars to Euro us poor. If you trade in $500 you would get 240 Euro back. Not so great. But totally worth the experience!

Paola said...

I went back to the photos from Vienna and you are right, there was a lot of it! I am so fascinated with the photos of this smaller towns that I totally forgot I saw those. Their exchange is about the same with the Chilean Peso and American Dollars.