Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red Bull, Wet Shoes

Here we are on the 6th day of our trip.

This day of our vacation was one of my favorites...

OK, so all of it was my favorite, but the pictures from this day are some of my favorites AND this was the last day of all 4 of us being together before Achim had to leave.

In the months before leaving for our trip Marc did a lot of studying up on what places were a must-see.

He had discovered Hallstatt. Hallstatt is a small town on the Hallstatter See. Hallstatt am Hallstatter See means, Hallstatt on the Hallstatt Lake... I know. I'm really smart...

We wanted to start off the day fairly early so we met for breakfast at 8:30, or so.

Now let me tell you something about breakfast in Austria. It is amazing to see all the different kinds of breads, bagels and croissants, cheeses, spreads, cereals and it all just seems so nostalgic. It just makes the experience all that much better.

After some great breakfast laughs and conversations we were ready to head out to Hallstatt as we had planned but we had to stop by the Redbull Headquarters so Thomas could do a little something for work.

I had no idea that Redbull was even an Austrian based company! They are right there in Fushl, basically across the way from the hotel we stayed at.

Now, let me tell you, the headquarters of Red Bull is nothing to scoff at. I mean, part of their parking garage is paved with marble! Then you walk in on marble floors into an open, modern, futuristic, James Bond-esque office building with glass for walls, almost floating stairways, fountains in the floor and a few of their Formula One cars parked inside the lobby to boot!

Well, I had to get a picture of that... the Formula One cars...

See. Got it.

However I paid a small price for that photo (that wasn't even good, mind you).

You see, the marble floors can be deceiving. Yes, deceiving. Shiny black marble merging into matte black and then shiny white and then matte white. It gave quite a distinctive depth to an, otherwise flat, floor.

So as I was moving into position to nonchalantly take an iPhone snap of one of the cars I saw, in my peripheral vision, a couple feet of shiny marble before I would hit the pool of the fancy fountain placed awkwardly in the middle of the foyer.

Now, let me set this up, if I haven't already, this was a REALLY cool office building. Thomas works with some cool people doing cool things in cool places.


am not cool.

I proved it.

That was not shiny, black marble I saw off to my left...

It was the pool of the fountain looking deceptively like "shiny" black marble.

I actually had to get two feet in before realizing that my feet were wet and that I hadn't just hobbled down an unseen step. No. I had walked into a fountain in the middle of the floor.


I'm that person.

Anyone at Red Bull who just happens to read this (and I laugh hysterically as I say that to my 74 readers) you should really have some "red" around your fountains at Red Bull... just sayin'.

Oh, and FYI, I did not keep it quiet.

It startled me to suddenly feel wet and then I realized how ridiculous I had been and began laughing hysterically until seeing Thomas still meeting with a Red Bull employee and I tried to muffle my hysteria so that I didn't, at least, embarrass him any further.

Marc and Achim were just a short distance away and were able to here the  "splash," so Marc, being quick to think, was able to snap a pic of me just stumbling out of the fountain's pool.

And then I took a pic of my still lingering splash and wet footprints to prove I had been there, done that.

After Thomas was done with his little meeting we were able to fill him in on the fun we had...

I had to go back to the hotel to change my shoes as we were planning on a little bit of a hike, so wet feet didn't sound like any fun.

But, I'll give you more of that in the next post...

For now, I'm checking in to let you know how things are going here at home.

The kids have been doing great after our little 16 day stint in Europe. No real fall-aparts or regression. Pretty dang, stinkin' normal up until Brother and Baby got sick.



It's May!

Brother was out of school for one week.

Baby is going on her second, she's been getting fairly creative when she actually is not in my arms. After seeing this I have finally figured out why Sister keeps losing the heads to all her lego people.

Brother isn't too bad when he's sick, he kinda just watches TV, mostly unless he is whining about pain or coughing or runny nose...

Baby, well, I have to hold her pretty much all day.

She's 4 and a half.

I have a really bad back.

Picking her up and carrying her is something I can, but shouldn't do. (OK, really I can't, I am just stubborn about some things.)

I certainly, though, cannot lug her around all day while I do stuff.

Besides, she wouldn't have that.

I have to have my cheek on her cheek, my arm around her back and another arm around her legs (I only have two arms) and I have to sit completely still while she watches episode after episode of Pingu or Sesame Street.

Seriously Pingu? I thought they were speaking French or Spanish or... something... NOPE! It's just gibberish. Yep. Gibberish. (sigh)

Anyway, I am at least glad the kids didn't get sick until we came home.

Count your many blessings, name them one by one...

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