Monday, May 12, 2014

Come With Me to Austria - Day 2 Part 2

After we were done seeing and enjoying the castle inside and out, we decided to partake in the local fun that was happening outside at the Easter Festival.

I took a picture of this spot, not because it was the booth we bought food from, it was just cute to see all the little Easter eggs decorating the booth.

I loved seeing all the decorations of Easter and to have a little bit of a different feeling during this holiday as opposed to the commercialization of it.

It was just to the right of these Easter eggs that I purchased my first and only souvenir from Austria. We had decided that our souvenirs would be the photos we took so that we would be able to get some fun things for the kids. Marc was so sweet when he saw my eyes light up while looking at a local booth full of home made jewelry. There were some earings there that were only 5 Euro and they were just so artsy. They were so simple; just wire bent into shapes and swirls. I didn't get a picture of them, but I cropped a picture of me wearing them so you can see them.

Just simple, but local from Austria and that makes them even cooler!

There were many people taking advantage of the Easter Holiday weekend but it wasn't just the tourists and the vendors...

We saw Beethoven...

And a garden gnome...

both golden.


Marc took this shot of the outer walls of the castle on our way to the parking lot. 

 We drove to a street in Vienna that was a tourist attraction for those who want to view the artwork of Hundertwasser.

What is so cool about Hundertwasser? Well, he was this guy that decided art was really cool when painted on buildings... or something like that. I don't know exactly. You can check it out here on Wikipedia. All I know is that this apartment complex was anything but drab.

It wasn't just me snapping pictures (although I was the one constantly being left behind because I wanted to get "this" or "that" shot).

But this next image is that one that had me laughing. I mean what is an art exhibit without the local Bratwurst cafe... and it's mascot...

I thought, when we were going to see this artwork that it would only be painting but he added tiles and other materials to add to the whimsy of his art.

Like I've said before, I have to try to actually get people in my shots so you know we were there (smile).

I thought this phone booth was just plain awesome. I know, it's not Austrian, it's British, but it was in Austria and I think London has cool telephone booths. Taking this picture brought me much joy...

Marc got this shot from my camera just on the corner of the Hundertwasser street we were one.

He really was having just as much fun as I was. In fact I really need to specify his and my photos so you know who took what. I let him have fun with my camera every so often. It was hard for me to not have a camera to take photos every five seconds while he had it, but it was nice not having to carry around the weight.

Marc took the images below. I love them. Maria really fought hard to not have her picture taken and I think Marc snuck a sweet shot or two unbeknownst to her.

Driving back to Achim's place. ( I hope I have some images in our collection so you can see how narrow some of the streets really are and how amazing it is that busses, people, bikers and cars all share the streets all while getting along quite nicely.)

We took this elevator at least twice a day so I just had to get photos of us in there too... you know, for posterity and history purposes... OK, actually it was just to annoy Achim...

Marc thought it was funny to snap a few of us sitting around on the couch in the living room. (I'm telling you, Achim, even on spur of the moment, remembered "the sign.")

The weary travelers have worn Achim out.

I have no pictures of the awesome salmon and pasta Maria created for us.

Nor the UNO game we played 4 rounds of and Marc smoked us all... he never wins UNO... I swear he and Achim were cheating. Maria and I are sure of it.

But, I did get a photo of the  chocolate eggs we snacked on as we talked into the night.

I will end with what I ended with in my journal,

"No wonder there has been so much art and music stem from this area. 
It's inspiring here. I could take photos all day!"

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