Saturday, May 3, 2014

How Our Secret Trip Began

So, I know it sounds funny, but I am actually kinda private... ya... I know... "But you have a blog!"

I didn't want the world to know we were away from our kids for almost two and half weeks... you know... I just think it's safer that way.

So all this these times I have been posting on my blog I couldn't even express my excitement and anticipation of our upcoming trip to Europe!


Marc and I went, without our kids, to Europe!

I know I can hardly believe it either!

For TWO and a half weeks!!!


Here's how it all began... and after reading the story behind our trip I am hoping you will be thoroughly impressed with my skills of keeping a secret, secret.

In June of last year... yes, 2013... last summer... I received an email from our awesome friend in Austria, Achim, and he said he really wanted us to come out to Austria to visit him and see the country. We had talked about this many times, but reality is it just wasn't in our funds to fly to Europe, travel and still have enough money left to pay for childcare of our 3 special needs children.

Because of his complete generosity and compassion Achim made it possible for our flights to be taken care of.

I know, pretty darned amazing guy!!


Achim and I decided to keep the whole idea a secret from Marc until his birthday in October...







It was so hard to keep it a secret, but we just knew we would get an awesome reaction to the surprise of flying out to Austria in April of 2014...

or so I thought...

After all the work, preparation and secret-keeping we didn't get the reaction we had quite hoped for.

Hee hee! Still makes me laugh. Watch:

So then started our planning for April of 2014.

All made possible by our dear and thoughtful friend. (I know he is going to hate this post because he hates being on the internet and doesn't exactly enjoy the attention. Sorry, Achim, I just can't let an amazing deed like you have done go unnoticed.)

On April 16, 2014 we set off on our journey that seemed to have started last year and because of us being up the entire night before our 6:30am flight would leave. We were tired but very excited... that's probably why we were able to be up all night.

It was a big trip filled with amazingly awesome activities every day..

I will have to write the next blogs with all the details of all that I learned, and what I was inspired by...

It will be quite the project, but I'm excited to tell you all about our first ever trio to Europe together.

So I will give you more and more details at some point.

For know here are a couple of teaser pictures for you to look at.

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