Friday, May 30, 2014

Exciting Things Make Me Forget Important Things

... sometimes...

I was so excited to tell you all about our Europe trip that I forgot to tell you about my brother, Daniel's, trip!

He and the family came here to visit with us all just before we left for Europe. I only got to see them a few times before we left, but every moment was treasured.

I had to draw a sidewalk drawing before they got here to welcome them to Utah... Daniel LOVES fish!

They got to my mom's house Saturday afternoon and we were able to visit for a while.

While they were there Daniel was feeding Motley and it was just so cute I had to take a few shots... I mean, come on, what baby isn't cute with food on their nose...

LittleB was having fun dressing up with all the cousins, but we all got a kick out the tail of this one so her dad helped show it off.

In between visiting with Daniel and his family we decided to decorate Easter Eggs before we left to Europe. Nalani was there to help and we all had a great time... although I am not sure that the eggs were any more colorful than our fingers.

I have to claim this one, I was so proud of how it turned out.

Then on Sunday morning I had the girls wear their new Easter dresses that my friend, Brittany, picked up for us. I just loved that they were dressed alike.

After church we went to Jessie and Joel's house for the annual Easter Party. We were especially excited to have Daniel and Tynelle's family here this time. In fact we were so happy to have all of us together we took a family picture in front of Jessie's house, on the road, in between falling rain.

Turned out pretty awesome. Tynelle's mom, Beth, clicked the camera that I set up on a tripod and we got some decent shots that I was able to use. Let me tell you, Photoshop is a wonderful thing with families like ours.

The rain made for a beautiful sky.

I also got some sweet shots of the twins:

Daniel is trying to comfort his other little boy:

But, I'm sure Daniel will be comforted to see that this photo shows off his biceps... Anyone want to go to a gun show?

I even got to take some fun family pictures for Daniel and Tynelle.

I love being able to take pictures of my family and bring joy to their lives through capturing moments

Of course we had our Easter Egg Hunt.

Of course we had it in Jessie's basement again.

Of course it was raining.

I don't know what we'll do when Jessie and Joel finish their basement.

Everybody's gearing up for the hunt.

Hiding the eggs... yes, Jessie...

I had to post the eggs all over the basement

without all the stuff we'd have no were to hide


Aaron always comes up with cool stuff and he found these ginormous eggs and filled them with fun stuff. There was only 2 of them and we hid them really well. We were all pretty excited when Baby found one of them. She was too.

Porter found the other one.

 pause for some basketball fun

Li'l Mr is pretty proud of his stash.

Do you see that?

That thing? It looks like a dead cat.

It actually looks like is might attack Li'l Mr...
Oh, it's just an Elvis wig. Laying on the basement floor. I mean, who doesn't have one of those?


Do you still love me Jessie?

Jman is counting his haul.

Then the competition began. Mom and Daniel get pretty competitive when it comes to sports so it makes it more fun to capture on camera.


 It's getting a little more intense... my mom is determined to win.

This is the shot that lets you know it was Daniel who won.

I love family time. I love memories.

On the Monday before we left we were able to spend some more time with Dan and the fam before Marc and I left. I didn't get any more photos of them that day, though, but I did get one of Baby snuggling up with grandma's stuffed animals.

What post doesn't end well with Baby's and stuffed animals?

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