Saturday, May 17, 2014

Posting from Home


It's just me.

No bells and whistles (otherwise known as Europe) today.

Just my heart.

I love life.

It's so hard.

I keep having people say that out of anyone, Marc and I certainly deserved an awesome vacation like we had.

Thank you.

That's really sweet.

But, honestly, we are no more deserving than anyone else.

We all have trials.

We all have hard times.

We all have tough things.

No one has it easy.

I know that.

I hope that I have never made the impression that no one's lot is harder than mine.

Actually my goal is the opposite.

I want you to see just how much I am like you.




I want everyone in the world to realize that a member of the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Saints (a Mormon) who is the mother of 3 children with Fragile X Syndrome, doesn't have to fall between the cracks as someone that is obscure and unheard.

I want everyone to realize that we are all family if you really think about it.

We are all here on a journey together.

So why not do all we can to buoy each other up.

Whether it be that we can share our sympathy or our empathy, we all need to be willing to go through this life together and not look at it like we are on our own.

That's why I share Our Life with all of you.

I don't want anyone to feel I deserve something more than you or someone else.

We all deserve the best.

But, I just want to remind everyone to be the person who might be able to bring the best to someone else.

Live life to the fullest.

Don't just live.

Live for a purpose.

Just one of my favorite pictures from 4 Easter's ago... to make you smile.

2 remarks:

melise said...

Loved it so true! :-)

Karen Mortensen said...

Beautiful. I love the picture.