Monday, December 2, 2013

On an Undated Date

When you turn 36 you start to realize that you are not as young as you feel. You start seeing a lot of teenagers around you and you begin to envision how old you must look to them.

It's really funny when you are having just as much fun as they are and they stop to look at you like, "Sheesh! Act your age!"

And I'm thinking, "I am!"

Marc and I love to be out late on the town feeling like we are young again and enjoying the crowds and festivities of different events going on in our area.

We went to a lighting ceremony for a nearby shopping mall for our recent date. But, I have to admit when I go out on a date with Marc I really do try to NOT look dated. I want the youth to look at us and think, "Wow! When I'm 25 I hope I'm still loving life the way they do and look as good as they do!" Yes, of course they think I am 25… Ha ha!

It was SO MUCH FUN!! Holiday music was playing! Alex Boye was performing that night! Lights were up everywhere! Shoppers and attendees all waiting to see the big fireworks show.

I felt like I was in an old movie.

I seriously could have broke out into song…

And I did…

Funny story…

This young girl approaches me as I am waiting inline for a free photo...

photo by Cheap Shots Photography and backdrop by Persickety Props and Backdrops

and she asks me, "Do you want to win a gift certificate?"

I ask what the catch is… I'm waiting for some sales pitch or having to get one million people to like me on Facebook…

But she answers, "Sing a Christmas Song."

YES!! I can do that and I was in the mood to break out into song anyway! While I was singing "Jingle Bell Rock" Marc tried to make conversation with someone else so no one would know he was with me… that girl rocking out in the middle of a crowd singing a Christmas song.

When I got done she handed me a gift certificate for $25 to one of the local clothing boutiques! Yee haw! So after Marc thought he had avoided me long enough that everyone had forgotten the musical moment he walked with me to the boutique so I could get something. I got a pair of pants! Sweet!

Then we walked through the old hollywood-esque scenery and music to stand by the outdoor fire pit and warm up from the cold.

We watched the rest  of the entertainment and fireworks and decided we were cold enough to head home…

But, then I saw that the "house" that Santa was in for pictures earlier was empty apart from a few college kids taking pictures. Marc willfully obliged and we waited our turn to get our picture in Santa's chair by the fireplace and Christmas tree.

So I guess our try at always having a date that doesn't "date" how old we are, I think with that evening's adventure, we may have skipped back even further than that.

Sometimes, I am willing to accept that I am 36 years old.


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