Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I was looking through our photos and realizing how little I have blogged lately. So many photos that have not been documented.

Most of them of sweet faces.

So today you get all the faces of Our Life.

Have fun!

Sister got her first hair cut ever from a professional! I finally decided that trying to appease her by cutting her hair little by little over 2-3 days just wasn't working well, so I decided to have Lindsey's mom cut it for me. I hoped this would work well since Sister know's Lindsey's family so well and might be better behaved at a REAL salon.

And she was! Look at that face watching herself in the mirror. She sat so well and was so good. That was a milestone and a first!

Baby loves to crawl into bed with Sister as often as she can get away with it. Sweet Sister is so tired but she manages a grin while we take a shot of Baby's wicked giggle.

Sometimes I get little surprises when I download photos from Marc's phone…

This was the picture Sister and I sent for Popo's birthday text! I'm sure he was as surprised as we look!

This is Baby trying to tell me that she has had enough of the swing and is ready for a nap.

I like to take pictures on our dates and this was a fun one. We went to City Creek Shopping Center in Salt Lake and thought it was cool to see the Salt Lake Temple from the walkway so we opted for a picture, but the sun was very bright and Marc's tender blue eyes don't do well in sunny pictures. Next time I'll have him put his sunglasses on. We tried a couple times, but it just got worse as we tried.

These were the faces I got when I told Sister and her friends that Santa is on Facebook!

I love Baby's face in this photo. This doll is a doll that my Grandpa Fred had bought for all the granddaughters over 20+ years ago. There were still some left in the box for all the daughters to have one and my mom gave hers to Baby. Baby loves me to wind it up so that it plays music and rocks the baby for her while she eats, watches or just plays beside it. I'm sure my Grandpa's face has a huge smile whenever she has this doll out.

This is the face we get a lot. It's the face that says, "Dang, you caught me, but I'll smile for the picture anyway."

This is Marc's work face… and some one else's too. Sorry, I don't know who that is. But thanks for having a face...

This is my "Aw, my hubby came to see a chick flick with me for our date." Love. His face, is "Aw, my wife is taking another picture of us to put on Facebook or the blog… sigh."

This was Brother's hidden face when he didn't want attention for his birthday when aunt Kirsten gave him a winter hat.

And these faces are some of my faves in this post. I was babysitting Zac and both he and Baby needed some major sensory input at the same time, so I stuck them into the big hammock together. Two children with Fragile X Syndrome being calmed by the sway of the hammock and enjoying "My Little Ponies" on my iPhone. Baby also loves touching Zac's face, he's still not sure how he feels about that though.

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