Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Thanksgiving that Measured Up

Thanksgiving this year was just as great and full of thanks as many other thanksgivings before, but very different too.

I am ashamed that the only pictures I got that day was of the family I was paid to take pictures of…

Yep, I took photos that morning! But, it wasn't all that crazy, it was for my aunt's extended family, so it was all out of love.

There was only 88 of them…

Ya, only…

You've got to understand, I come from a BIG family! I have more than 88 cousins…

Which segways nicely into my next endeavor.

I had a little time to join in on my mom's family's Thanksgiving. I didn't take pictures there either, so I stole one of my aunt's… thanks Rosanne!

This is just a small section of who was there…

Then we were off to Marc's parents for the final Thanksgiving activity.

It was great food, great company and I wish I had a picture of the great tables Lynne and Gary had set up. It always good to laugh and talk with family while realizing all the blessings we have:
  • We were blessed to raise, for a time, our niece and nephews and to see them becoming adults is quite an experience. 
  • It was fun to have our children there and actually have 2 of 3 sit down and eat with us… that, I was definitely thankful for! (It's the little things.) 
  • We also got to have cousins Kathy and Jerry there with us for the holiday feast, which Brother is always VERY excited about!
  • Marc and I are very blessed to both have our parents nearby and it was so fun to laugh and talk with them for the holiday.
  • We have had the sweet opportunity to get to know Frank and Amy better over these last few years that they have been here and we treasure their friendship… and their sarcastic comments (smile).
  • It's always a good reminder that we have all that we need and are blessed to have a bountiful feast at Thanksgiving time.

But, this Thanksgiving my most thankful moment was these simple pictures that Marc did take that day:

I am so thankful to have a photo of the famous tradition to "measure up" at grandpa's house. Brother and Sister are always so happy to see their names on the wall in the kitchen and to track how tall they are getting to be.

So, we may not have been the best photographers on this holiday, but, we definitely got one of the best moments.

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Nurse Heidi said...

I love that you wrangled a crowd of 88 people and got a great image out of it! Mad skillz, my friend. I also love, love, love big families! We're blessed to have a large one as well.