Monday, December 30, 2013

My Dr. Seuss Gingerbread House

So my friend, Elizabeth has this awesome tradition every year to make gingerbread houses as an activity for just us women... this year we invited the families for the first part or our gingerbread making party.

Sister was so looking forward to making a gingerbread house she could hardly contain herself!

Baby had no clue why we were trying to stick her candy to a box of graham crackers... "Why stick, when I can eat?" I am sure was her theory.

See look at Baby's cheeks... notice in the above picture the red and green m&m's are right in front of her and the next picture shows them scooted out of reach with a small pile being snarfed... ya, that was how much she enjoyed "making" her gingerbread house.

I was amazed at all the candy we had out for the kids. Most of it didn't even make it past their mouths to the houses!

And this is the picture from my last post! (See I told you I would tell you more, and here it is!) It was so fun to see the friendship between M and Brother as if they have seen each other every day for the last 2 years without missing a single beat. I love friendships like that! You know the ones, the friendships that survive no matter how much work you do or don't put into them, you just know you're friends forever!

Elizabeth is even so cool that she had giant gingerbread people to get pictures by! Brother was quite happy about that and very proud of the gingerbread house that M built for the both of them with Brother's supervision... OK, he really just ate candy the whole time and giggled whenever she came up with a great idea!
Here's their finished product closeup.

Then we ladies kicked out the men and children and we began making our ultimate gingerbread houses. You know, the ones you want to make when the kids are doing one and you have to refrain from controlling their creativity... Oh, is that just me? ...

Anyway, I thought there was a lot of candy for the kids' houses but we held back all the good stuff for us! Wish I would have had a picture of all the candy—we had to have two tables just for the candy!

I ended up laughing at mine though... I had this epic idea of how amazing my gingerbread house would be and it ended up looking like one my inner kid would do... hee hee! It was so much fun!

Let me show you a couple of the others' houses before I show mine so you can see how my inner child really did come out to play (smile).

I mean look how cute! Red, green and white themed with Santa at the door and the family gathered around the fire...

At this house we have a stone paved path, and a fishing stream for Santa...

complete with back yard shrubs and tree with the a traditional candy cane heart wreath!

And then there's this one with the scalloped, candied roof with brick walkway, welcoming snowmen and a fish pond in the back!

Oh and the family gathered around the fire here too!

Ya, those were the cool Christmas gingerbread houses!

And then, I came to play!
Tah Dah!!

I know, it looks like the candy factory blew up and landed on my gingerbread... but I had fun and I didn't have to fight any kids to do it my way. (smile really big)

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Every one had fish and I wanted to be included so I had santa roasting a fish over the fire... tee hee hee!

Yes, I am proud of my Grinch! He was made out of a green tootsie roll, and m&m and a slice of gummy star... but my favorite part was the tootsie roll dog with the gum slice antlers! And see that bear to the right? There's a few of those around and are those little bear-like characters from "The Lorax" story.

Here's my Lorax! He's made out of two orange tootsie rolls, a bite of licorice for the nose and to tiny bites of tootsie roll for the eyes! Ha! Oh, and I had to make a sign for the Truffula Forest so everyone knew what the tootsie pops were for!

And Elizabeth happened to have the Lorax book so we just had take a side-by-side!

Oh it was fun!

And it even lasted a whole 3 days before there was nothing but the gum roof left...

(Oh, and if any of you are still worried about how tired I have been... I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow. But, I want to tell you all about Christmas first!)

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