Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being Spontuneous

Yep, you read it right. "spontuneous."

It is a game that my brother Aaron and his wife, Chelsea introduced our family to at their Sunday Christmas party.

I mean, you really don't have to add much for our family to have a fun time, but add music and food and it's a riot.

There was a part of the game when my mom drew a card and she had to make up a rap... that was just funny... then her rap was funny... I only caught the last part of it on film though. Still worth a laugh, especially when I change the voice at the end a few times.

Tee hee!

MomRap from Rachael on Vimeo.

And did I mention there was food? Cheesecake even!

Well, there was...

and then there wasn't...


No part of the above video was re-enacted, it was all totally raw and unscripted... OK, that's a lie, but the first time was real and I missed it. So I made them redo do it. Isn't Yaya a great actress!

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Joel and Jessie said...

Ok that was funny, rotten knee in a chipmunk voice....that's funny right there! :)