Friday, January 3, 2014

Brother's Christmas Concert

Brother LOVES music.

He LOVES to sing.

He LOVES Christmas.


He LOVES singing Christmas music!

And it shows!

I wish so badly I could show the video of him singing with his school choir because it is absolutely priceless to see how into the music he gets and he knows all the words and sings on tune. 

I am so grateful for the inclusion time that Brother has with his peers! This first semester he has had French, Science, Gym and Choir. He excels in all of them but Gym (not really his forte or his favorite--I think he is mostly scared to think he might have to change his clothes in front of the other boys, poor li'l guy)

But out of those 4 inclusion classes he is happiest and shines the brightest in Choir.

You can see the joy on his face in this picture:

You can see his dedication to the meaning of the song in this picture:

And you can see his confidence in this picture:
This was the last song of the concert when all the choirs came onstage together.

At a time when Brother is usually the most nervous, in crowds of people in front of crowds of people, he was confident enough to come right out in front of them all and stand.

I do wish he would have been there the whole time, but he knew he needed to be standing with his choir.

You can imagine my excitement when Brother's Teacher asked how I felt about him trying to get into the Men's Choir for this next semester! Heck ya! Bring it on! I would love to see him shine! He loves performing and I would love to see him get stronger in his confidence!

I just love seeing when the "X" isn't such a determinate in everything in our son's life. It is great to see that his spirit can shine brighter and show us who he "really" is.

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Karen Mortensen said...

Beautiful post. I got teary eyed reading it. Way to go.