Thursday, January 30, 2014

Looking Through Old Pictures

I was looking for some pictures for another project and I saw some of these... a few of my faves that just bring back good memories or make me smile!

Sister and Brother before there was Baby in the back yard at Grandpa Gary's house in 2009 just enjoying the sun

Baby at a few days old my sister-in-law came to take photos of her... I cannot believe how dark her hair was!

Sister just smiling in the back of the car as we headed out to take Kelsey's Senior pictures in 2009

2008 camping trip... this picture just makes me smile cuz it's me in all my glory! Ha! Eating pineapple, I'm always eating!

I love this one of Brother at Bubble Rock. The backdrop is pristine!

Chelsea taking Sister's 18 month old pics and this was one of her expressions when we stuck her in the basket.

Mischievous Sister found the water bottle during Baby's photos shoot, I also love that her hair is long and reminds me I used to spend so much time doing it!

Ha! I remember when Sister used to put diapers on her feet and walk around the house...

Ahhhh.... Our first trip to Florida! I love this pic for many reasons, but today it's mostly because my yard is covered in snow that this one looks so inviting!

Sorry I whined yesterday. I'm fine now! (smile) Especially after looking through old pictures and remembering how incredibly amazing Our Life really is!

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