Monday, January 27, 2014

My take on "Frozen"

I finally joined the rest of the world and saw Disney's "Frozen."

Every time I would tell someone that I had not seen it yet I got a reaction as if I just told them I had the plague and then the verbal remark was usually something like, "What? You have to see it! You have to!"

I was beginning to feel left out.

Like I was really missing out on something that would make all the difference in my life's happiness.

It's not that I didn't want to see it. I REALLY wanted to. I LOVE Disney animated movies more than, as an adult, I probably should.


I have 3 kids.

I know! That is usually the reason why parents have the excuse to see a Disney Animation.

Every time I would come up with some wonderful time to take my kids to see this fantastic movie Sister would melt into a puddle of whines and sobs and Brother would say, "NO! NO!" as if I just asked him to join the Army, and Baby, well, let's face it... Baby can only sit for 15 minutes at the very most!

Marc had no desire to see until it was cheaper to see at the Dollar Theater or on DVD at Redbox.

So, I was stuck, wishing and hoping to see this movie that no one could stop talking about.

It was quite tragic, really (smirk).

Anyway, one day I was telling some one that I was just going to go by myself and Brother piped up and said he wanted to go! Of course I jumped at the chance and even offered to have his friend, Gracie come with us.

We went on Martin Luther King Day for a matinee while the kids were out of school.


And I'm not talking about the movie... I mean I loved the movie, it was every bit as good as what I heard...

What I LOVED was seeing Brother be so happy and carefree sitting by his friend saving seats while I went to get popcorn and drinks. I loved how his uninhibited laughter rang through the theater and made others around us quietly chuckle at his excitement. I loved seeing his silhouetted head lean forward and loudly whisper, or even sometimes exclaim, how much he loved this or that character, the songs, the jokes and just generally loving it the whole way through. I even loved hearing his reactions to some of the little surprises of the bad stuff happening in the story.

My heart was soaring to the floating notes of the incredible music mixed with bounce of the childish excitement of my son.

I was anything but frozen. He melted my heart that day. Not because I didn't know him or just discovered his sense of humor that day but because of the reminder of how important it is to just love life, love the moment and live strong in life's lovely moments with fervor and intention.

At first I worried that he may be laughing too loud for the audience, but that worry quickly melted away as I realized that laughter and excitement is needed just a little bit more in this world.

Don't hold back your enjoyment of life because you don't want people to be uncomfortable with your happiness... "Let it Go!"

Showing his love of humor wearing a funny pair of glasses from Grandma Lynne's new game.

"Let It Go," one of my favorite songs from the movie, "The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Don't hold back who you are because you are afraid of the cold stares or remarks from others who aren't enjoying life as much as you are.

Let it go and laugh, live and love the way you feel it.

Follow Brother's shining example of being yourself and loving yourself.

So, that's what I got out of "Frozen." It was a story of sacrifice, learning who you are, loving someone more that yourself, laughing, wanting to enjoy the sunshine and embracing what life has thrown at you... and I didn't just learn all that from watching the movie but experiencing it with my son.

It was finally a nice sunny day and my friend's driveway was dry and clear of snow so I just had to spread a little cheer!

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ChadMac said...

Visiting from Blogher - I want to see it too and have not had a chance yet...soon. Your sidewalk chalk is AWESOME!!

Rachael said...

Thanks ChadMac. I am sure you will enjoy it, it's got something in there for everyone, and being a hunter you may get a kick out of the reindeer character in it :)