Monday, January 20, 2014

Freak Out, Then Carry On

On Wednesday Sister came home very distraught letting me know that her backpack had a hole in it.

For her, of course, this was a VERY tragic moment. I was finally able to calm her down by informing her that I would get a new one... long story short, I did.

She loves it.

This morning Sister was awake but Marc and I were laying in bed, too tired to worry about what she might be doing. It's weird how grogginess can impair your judgement... (dot's like that are meant to be read like the prelude to something bad happening, something like, duh, duh, duh)

When I finally got up at 9am to get breakfasts and meds going I briefly noticed the disaster to my left as a walk down the hall past Sister's room... Wow! Yep, memory now triggered! This is why you can't let her be the only one up! Woo! You couldn't see her floor through all the books, blankets, legos and pillows strewn throughout her room. At first I got a little tensed up an then quickly remembered that Nalani was coming to help Sister today so I wouldn't have to worry about the room today... I was so relieved. (smile)

Then we all mulled about the kitchen and living room as we gave out meds, instructions and tried to keep every one calm... Yeah! Calm...

Oh, my word!

OK, here is a little detour in my blog for an image that says it all—My sister-in-law, Chelsea, sent me two images she found! I have to share one of them right here because it is all too true at this house!

Ha! I think that I should print something like this off and hang it on our front door just to give visitors a fair warning.

Anyway, back to the story... after Sister had her meds and breakfast she soon began to whine and cry and act as if the world was over. I asked her what was wrong and she told me her backpack had a hole in it. "Yes, Sister," I replied, "that's why I got you a new one."

"NO, MOM!' She screamed, "another hole in my 'nother backpack!!!"

I asked her to bring it in for me to observe.

The front pocket had a definite hole... I saw little blue legs poking out the crescent-shaped opening.

She's been hoarding a LOT again lately. I think some of it has to do with having had a 2 week break from school for Christmas Vacation and then having today off for Martin Luther King Day.

Routine, people, routine!

Anyway, she had been taking Pokemon cards to school by sneaking them in her coat pockets without me knowing. We were finally able to put a stop to that when we found out that some of the kids in her grade were taking advantage of her mental understanding and just taking cards from her, a lot of cards.

So she has moved on to other things that she loves like her Lego people and her matchbox cars...

Pokemon cards take up less room in pockets.

Legos and little cars take up more space.

Lucky for Sister, her new back pack has lots of pockets.

BUT, she has a favorite pocket.

And that is the one she shoved ALL of her lego people and cars into. Hence the blue leg sticking out of the hole. She had just filled it too full.

I wasn't able to get to fixing her backpack right that moment and that was not OK with her.

At all.

So of course came whining, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I finally had a chance to wrap her up tight in a blanket and hold her tight and rub her back while talking softly to her. She settled down some.

Then she fell asleep on the floor.

Sometimes her anxiety turns into panic attacks and panic attacks can be pretty exhausting.

As I was trying to calm Sister's fall-apart I pictured the other image my sis-in-law sent me:

I really need to get her, me, Brother and Baby one of these! Seriously!

Have fun stain calm without me everyone! My kids put the "X" in anxiety!


Might be more up my alley...

2 remarks:

vickit43 said...

Amen to this blog!! My 18 yr old fx got all out of sort because itunes would not cooperate with me this morning.He wanted a winnie the pooh app loaded and the itune store would not accept my passwords. A small melt down began with rocking, biting his hand and spiting. Oh well all worked out and he is happy now app and all!!

Rachael said...

Oh my goodness Vickit43! You do totally relate! How great it is to know we're not alone in these sagas!