Monday, January 13, 2014

High on Life!

So I've been working hard on making some changes in my life both physically and emotionally, and I think I may be starting down the right track!

Just so you are all aware I did go to the doctor after my falling asleep at the wheel incident. The doctor took blood to test my thyroid, my iron levels, cell count and some other stuff I can't remember. They also gave me a B12 shot to see if that would help and some medicine to help me stay awake.

Well, my thyroid, iron and cell counts are normal. The B12 shot did NOT help. The medicine did, but I was having a reaction to it, so never mind that.


I did try some things just emotionally that I love doing that I haven't done for a long time.

Simple stuff.

I sang and danced around the house with my kids on Friday—that, my friends, was a blast. My kids and me were laughing. It may or may not have been because of my dancing skills!

On Saturday I performed with my sister, mom and aunt and that always cheers me up! I LOVE performing! Not to mention that because of all my happiness that had developed from the day before I was especially hyper and in a comedian-type mood. That made it fun for all of us!

Then that night I got to go dancing with my sweetie!

It was so awesome!

You see, there was this DJ, Jimmy Chunga, that Marc and I loved to listen to in the mornings for years... then he left... long story short, I was able to meet him on a photo shoot I was doing for my friend, Amanda's, work. Amanda is a HUGE (understatement) fan and Chunga invited us to one of his shows! So of course we went!

I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I still giggle thinking about how much fun I had bobbing around like a 36-year-old Mormon Mom with a bad back... and wow! (Ya, if that visual doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.) I felt like a kid again! I may have even looked like a 12-year-old awkward me again... that's OK. There was not doubt I was having fun!

I'm tellin' ya! I really take the best "selfies" ever... uh huh.

Music is powerful!

I've decided it's basically my ultimate "high."

I'm still "high" from my musical weekend and it was so awesome to top it all off by teaching Primary with my hubby and singing Primary Songs with all the kids.




Really high!

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