Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister's Funny!

Sister is always saying funny things.

In fact she says funny things so often I forget what they are exactly, I just remember they are funny.

I have been remembering once in a while to post things in my notebook on my phone so I finally have a few to share with you:

One night when I was trying to be such a good mom and I was in the hallway reading aloud to the kids while they were in their beds. Sister didn't like that I was reading loud enough for everyone to hear and kept getting after me to stop. I cracked up and gave up when she yelled, "Turn down your ears!"

One Saturday morning Sister came into my room to announce she wanted waffles for breakfast and was doing her morning yawn and stretch. I heard something pop and I asked her, "What was that that popped?" She answered, "It was my skeletons."

Last week Sister informed Marc and I that Tuesday was the last day of April. I checked the calendar and informed her that she was right. She slumped her shoulders and head, stuck out her bottom lip and pronounced, "Oh, I'm gonna miss April."

You know, as a mother, when your are in the bathroom that is the best time for your kids to tell you things... important things like, "Mom! There's a lizard in the house!" From the seated position I exclaim through the door, "What do you mean a lizard? In the house?" Sister had just gone out to get the mail so I wondered if maybe she saw one out there and was confused about where the lizard was. So I, again, asked her where the lizard was and she, again, told me it was here in the house. I then asked, "Can you come show me?" The bathroom door creaked open and I could see her little eyes peeking through with a concerned emotion lingering on her face. When I looked to see what she had in her hands I saw that it was a Geico Advertisement... I had to take a picture:

She loves to play jokes!
A few weeks ago when we were all ready for Spring and it still hadn't sprung, Sister informed me, "Mom, it's going to be cold tomorrow and my nose is not warm enough. Last Wednesday my nose was cold and I want it to be warmer. My nose is just not strong enough yet. When it is strong with it stay warm? Maybe if I had a patch to get it warmer."

Ah yes! She has some funny insights!

She also has some antics that make me laugh too. Like, on the last Thursday Daniel and the family were here, she was having fun playing with her cousins. She was also having fun getting out one of Grandma Judy's games and was lining up all the cards and playing pieces. It was quite a mess so I helped her clean it up and told her, "no more." A while later I was in the kitchen and I kept hearing something but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I got talking to my sister and forgot about it for a bit. After Kirsten left I could hear the sound again so I finally peeked around behind the island and I saw this:

She had been trying to sneak the game out to the playhouse that I told her she couldn't play with. I am surprised at her ability to stay behind the counter and hide for at least 20 minutes hoping I would leave so she could run out the back door... ha! ha!

She keeps us laughing!

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