Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I need a question mark

That's what Sister told me today when she had her Magic Treehouse book and wanted to mark chapter one. "Mom, I need a question mark."

Ha! I asked her, "Do you mean a bookmark?"

"Ya, a bookmarks," she replied.

She confuses words a lot. It gives me such a chuckle.

I need a bookmark for all the special moments in my life, like on Sunday when J.R. was playing with Baby and making her smile from ear to ear.

He's even still smiling with that death grip she has on his hair. What a trooper he is.

This one just makes me down right laugh out loud to see her face so scrunched up with her cheesy grin.
She couldn't have been any happier.
Not only did I want to take a picture of this moment because Baby was so happy, but I wanted to bookmark this chapter in my life to remember that J.R. still wants to be involved in Baby's life in some small way. She was only 3 months old when he left our care after 5 years to live with his parents. So they are just cousins, and not brother and sister the way Sister remembers it. She still asks about Kelsey and Bryan and asks if they are her brother and sister. We try to explain that they were like brothers and sister once, but that they are really her cousins. I think she is still a little confused. Bless her heart, she really enjoyed having all of us under one roof.

This moment had to be bookmarked because there was a time when I couldn't even get Baby to be interested in her own reflection. Now she is making faces in Grandma Lynne's funhouse mirror of a lamp. Baby can keep herself entertained with making faces in this reflective lamp for at least 20 minutes.
 These pictures below? Well, of course they are a bookmark. It's my dad's birthday. He tried not to act like he enjoys us having a party for him, but I do know it makes him feel loved. One more year I get to spend with my daddy still around. I have to be grateful for all the people in my life and the time I am able to spend with them. I don't want to take advantage of any of them for a second, you never know what those moments will end.

What did I give my dad for his birthday?

A hug.

I know, creative...

but, I think he wanted to bookmark that moment (smile).

Our brother-in-law, Joel took this picture for us because we were both so matchy-matchy.

I had to bookmark this because it is so rare that my hubby and I ever wear something that looks alike and that day we both wore purple shirts, blue jeans and black flip-flops. Tee hee! I had to pose like we were a newly engaged couple getting our pictures done for invitations... although the cabinet may not have been the best background choice.

And this bookmark? This is because it really was "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree." One of my favorite songs from my childhood. This beautiful apricot tree is just 2 houses down from me and I was walking by it Saturday afternoon.

I wanted to share that picture because it needs to be a bookmark in my life knowing that new life begins all the time. It is beautiful and picturesque. It needs to be shared...

and bookmarked.

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