Monday, April 22, 2013

Bowling Connections

OK, so these pictures doen't even show Daniel, but, he was there. This was one of the last big activities we did with Dan and his family before they left home. I had debated not going because my kids are so hard to handle in situations such as these, but they LOVE bowling, they LOVE Dan and his family and Grandma offered to buy fries, so we went.

It was just as crazy as I thought it would be, but also so much fun. I loved seeing all the cousins bowling together. They were so cute. And my kids were a lot of fun. I do wish I would have taken more pictures, but these are better than nothing.

Brother has some great bowling skills! I think all the field trips with his school classes have paid off!

 I have to post this short little video Marc got because it makes me laugh. Brother, is full of all kinds of antics and this one made me chuckle. It's only 13 seconds, so watch...

Sister was an absolute hoot! I think this is the only picture Marc got that wasn't entirely blurry! She spent most of her time jumping up an down to celebrate each bowl. She is very competitive and very animated so they make a fun combo...

I don't have a video of her, but these blurry photos of her may give you a bit of an idea:

It was so fun for a whole week to have our family all in one place for gatherings. It is such a treat to have everyone together. We are so close as siblings that it just felt good to laugh together without missing Daniel. I think my mom and dad were happier than any of us though to see all their kids and grandkids together in one place.

I am very blessed to have my family as close as they are geographically and emotionally. FaceTime, email, and phone calls are definitely a blessing we often take for granted.

I was talking to my aunt (my mom's twin sister, Jane) about how nice it is just to be able to pick up the phone and talk to loved ones anytime we want to. In fact I was talking to her the night I took these pictures:

Sister and Baby actually asked me to take these pictures! Cute huh! They wanted to sit by the flowers and Baby said, "picture?"

I am so thankful that my daughters are so close. It is such a blessing. I hope it lasts their whole lives. They'll need each other.

At bedtime, Sister will get into bed and it is not long until we here Sister whining because Baby is climbing over her face to get into bed next to her on the other side.

When we walk in to rescue Sister's face from the scarring of Baby's knees they both start giggling as they pull the covers over their heads and Sister exclaims, "I'm a big sister,  huh mommy?" and Baby giggles even more. I love it!

It reminds me of the fun times sharing a room with my 2 sisters. 3 of us in one room. It seems you never hear of that anymore, sharing rooms. I loved it... most of the time... of course I was a typical teenager and it didn't work for me all the time, but, the good times are very much remembered! We shared lots of late night talks, giggles, stories, crushes, snoring, messes, artwork, secrets and ideas. Kirsten was so little when we shared a room but when she was a baby I used to let her fall asleep on my tummy and I sang to her a lot. Jessie and I sometimes had to split the room in half so that I have my side the way I wanted it, and visa versa. Above our beds were the place we could always hang all our items of personal interest so as we got older the bunk beds just wouldn't suffice as the bottom bunk didn't get enough wall space. Ha ha! Oh, sharing a room with your sisters is just a great way to create amazingly tender memories.

So, although, my girls don't share a bedroom because of their sleep schedule differences I am glad they get a few minutes each night to share giggles.

And, that my friends, is how this connected from bowling to sisters... amazing how my mind wanders (smile).

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