Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dragon, The Prince and The Maiden

I wanted to post more about my brother, Daniel's visit here but Marc has the pictures from the last activity on his phone and I can't get to them right now, so you'll just have to wait...


In the meantime I can post about something else.

Yep, I can do that, I can make something up out of thin air just because I like to write!

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden.

Don't you just love stories that start like that? Oh, I do. It means there is going to be suspense, love and a happy ending.

This fair maiden had dreams of one day meeting her handsome prince, getting married and living in a castle.

See, it gets good already! You know that the prince will be handsome and heroic, because, well, it's a story...

Only 6 months after her 18th birthday she met her dashing young (young is a general word, he was young, but much older than she) prince. She fell in love with him at first sight.

The prince, however, had other maidens in the kingdom who also vied for his attention. so this young 18-year-old maiden was just not on his radar, yet...

Then he heard her laugh.

A lot.

And boisterously.

He wasn't sure if he really liked the loudness of her laugh but was intrigued that she laughed often. He became so intrigued by her happiness that he accepted a request for a date one night.

They fell in love.

They got married.

They had a son.

They were happy, he was happy. A little slow developing, but always, happy.

Years later they had a daughter.

They were happy, their son was happy and she was happy. Also, a little slow developing, but always happy.

Alas, their lives were suddenly struck by an evil dragon. The great Dragon Exe. Oh, he was a fearful dragon! He had eyes that pierced your soul with despair and grief, claws that could cut you down to size and a fiery breath that could easily evaporate your hope.

During the long and great battle with Dragon Exe they were sent another daughter. The fair maiden and the prince were so distraught as they did not want to bring another child in this family that would have to face this great dragon.

Their despair was all for naught. For this baby girl brought a new hope and light to this little family, not because the great Dragon Exe had left her alone, but because she was such a joy despite the ongoing battle with the dragon. With her, the fair maiden and the prince realized that the Dragon Exe would never go away but they could learn to live with this beast in their kingdom because the people in the kingdom had all rallied together to keep the fair maiden, her prince, and their children safe from the cruel intentions of Dragon Exe.

They realized that they were, indeed, not fighting this battle alone, but with many people on their side willing to put on their armor and fight along side them when needed.

During this time of banding together there was a great love that grew in them all for the maiden's and prince's young children. The love that they radiated gave everyone the strength to battle on.

Although there was strife, fear, and sometimes tears, they all, because of the 3 children, lived happily ever after.

Ah, don't you just love a good story?

Reading  over that again makes my life seem a little more heroic and noble. I think I would have to challenge each of you to look at your life and make up a story for it, you'd be surprised how great it sounds when you're wanting to make it into a fairy tale.

I know it may seem far fetched but I was inspired to write this down partly because of a song that my sister, Jessie told me about. It really has nothing to do with my story, yet everything to do with my life. You'll be touched by it too. So, I'll post it hear so you can listen to it and be inspired too, knowing that your life is great, you are great, and your trials are meant to build you.

If you don't want to watch the video, then you can just look at this sweet picture of the 3 children in the story, because they will make you happy too, just seeing them smile.

This photo is one of my all time favorites taken in 2011.
I just love how it captures their love for eachother.

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Barbara Rozier said...

Rachael, I absolutely love your story and I agree, this picture is perfect! It makes you smile and reflect on just how perfect each of our fraggles are and how blessed we are to have them in our lives. ♥♥♥