Friday, April 5, 2013

Pack Mule

I love camping.

Marc loves camping.

Our kids love camping... as long as they are told about it ahead of time, well in advance, we have all their coloring books and crayons, snacks and food to preference packed and ready to go with us, clothing and jackets picked out and readied for them so I can put them into bag.

I even took my cool new camera on the campout and captured some good moments,

But, because it is late and I am in a hurry and I am exhausted from the full day I had, I will just leave you with some pictures of the adventure that Marc and I took with our iPhones.

Maybe this will get you all get geared up and then I can put on some awesome pictures later.

There's me in the bright green shirt :)

Just a cool picture of one of the local landmarks
On our way home we stopped at Jessie and Joel's house. We at lunch and just had a great time.
This is the "hut" that everyone helped Brother make because he wants a cool stall

Coming back from the hike
And now, here is me packing everyone's coats and jackets back down the trail because it warmed up and my kids don't hold their jackets... nope, I'm a walking closet ...

Bubble bums... tee hee! I'm a pack mule for Pete's sake!
Layering is always in style...

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