Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Care Bears, Tigger, Elmo, Sully and so much more!

As I have told you before, my mom is the queen of yard sales.

Therefore she is the queen of kid's entertainment supplies.

Her house is a child's dream!

Not only does she have every toy possibly imaginable, but she also has costumes to satisfy any child's imagination.

With all the cousins together this week I know that my mom's playroom and costume closet will get well used. Here are the pictures just of yesterday's imaginations come to life:

This picture makes me laugh because my mom actually has two Funshine Care Bear costumes and just happened to pick up the huge stuffed version at a yard sale last weekend! You see cute Li'l Mr, I'll explain his "photo stance" later.
We all laughed pretty hard when Sister came out in this costume because it is meant for a 18 month old... tee hee!

Elmo, a Unicorn and Sully... could you get a better trio?

The chimp, Jasmine and the Cowgirl

The unhappy Easter Bunny, the other cowgirl, Lazy Town and the boy in the orange shirt (also known as Brother)

Snow White, Pink Poodle and the orange monster

Stitch (also made an appearance back at Christmas), witch and a dragon
Baby was so happy to sneak into a few with Minnie Mouse, Snow White and the Baboon.

The last one, after this they were just swapping costumes for more photo ops,
but we weren't as entertained at that point... so the pictures stopped.

Brother really loves Li'l Mr, he tried to hold him and love on him as often as possible.

I loved when I would take Li'l Mr's picture he would squat down, his mom explained that he learned it from her because when she took his picture she would squat down to get to his level to get a good picture, so now he thinks that's what you do. Awe, I love kids!

And Baby just cracks me up! She has started this new thing where she has to be REALLY cheesy for the picture. So funny!

I was taking the picture because it made me laugh to see her wearing the horn helmet with her princess dress. It just seemed so fitting. And there's Li'l Mr in the corner crouching down for his photo op.

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