Saturday, May 4, 2013

Right on Track

A proud mommy just has to share pictures...

This picture is from the track meet that Brother was actually have a bad day at.  I only show you this picture because I wanted you to see the small cheering section that had come over to watch and cheer him and his teammates on. (I'll tell you more about the experiences at this track meet later.)

This is at his last track meet, the 100 meter. He is the one to the left with the purple jacket on. He ran so well that day!

This is him coming in second place! Yay!

I love this picture for so many reasons. One of them, though, is seeing, again, the dedication and love his track coach has for him and how much she wants him to succeed. She is awesome!

He's flying!

He definitely jumps farther than he throws...
We sure love this kid! In fact, Marc and I just came in from talking to two young ladies who stopped by  to visit with us while we sat by the fire. It was neat to hear them say good things about Brother, how funny he is, how much they like him and how they would defend him if anyone ever teased him or made fun of him. And this conversation is after we hear all the great things that went on this morning when he went on a hike with some of the youth and church leaders in our neighborhood. (I'll tell you more about that later too.)

It takes a village...

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